INTOLERANCE: Tales of Loss, Survival and Perseverance

Niza Knoll Gallery

May 2 - July 13, 2019

  • Artwork in a variety of mediums by Penney Bidwell, Dennis Dalton Jerry DeLaCruz, Nancy Enyart, Michael Gadlin, Niza Knoll, Gayla Lemke, Charles Luna, Aliki McCain and Sheary Clough Suiter
  • Opening and artist reception: Thursday, May 2, 6-8:30 pm
NancyEnyartNancy Enyart

As artist and gallery owner Niza Knoll watched the march of Neo-Nazis on Charlottesville, North Carolina in August of 2017, she became alarmed. As a descendent of family members who were lost to the holocaust and whose father escaped and survived, she was physically shaken that some 80 years later in the United States of America, the same rhetoric of intolerance that started a genocide was in full display. The event conjured images of concentration camps, immigration quotas and families seeking asylum; thoughts of innocent people who were killed because they were considered animals and “undesirable”, but had no place to go. And of the story, written by her father, of an incident with his scouting group just before the occupation of Austria by the Germans. As an artist, she poured those anxieties into her artwork and invited other, like-minded artist to reflect on the same theme. 

In March of 1938, at 18 years old, Niza Knoll’s father Fred Knoll escaped Vienna, Austria with a group of other youths in a secret exodus to Israel. His mother (his father had died before this time), grandmother and uncles were transported to Auschwitz concentration camp where they were all killed. Both of his siblings survived—Niza’s Aunt Lili who migrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1940 at age 17, just barely escaping, and his and older brother Otto, who had migrated to Israel in the early 1930's. Niza’s father recounts his personal story of an incident with his scouting group and a Nazi parade, in a written essay called “The Flags” that will be displayed, along with other written reflections of loss, survival and perseverance.

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