Atelier Durst: Hand-Built Clay Invitational

Niza Knoll Gallery

July 19 - September 21, 2019

  • Exhibiting artists: Joyce Anttila, Peter Durst, Nancy Enyart, Trish Gans, Niza Knoll, Amy Laugesen, Julia Mulligan, Gulnar Rawji, Holley Sanford, Mark Stokesbury, Carol Warzel
Peter Durst - Clay and GlazesPeter Durst - Clay and Glazes

Upon entering the studio and gallery of Peter Durst, the creative energy is palpable. Visitors are greeted with a collection of his large, architectural, hand-built clay pieces that delightfully fill the gallery area, boasting strength and whimsey. Resident ceramicists and students are hard at work in the back, clearly enjoying each other’s company, with peals of laughter and chatter echoing throughout the space. As an artist who has studied under Durst for several years, Niza Knoll decided to bring some of the infectious energy he has created into her own Gallery. Niza Knoll Gallery will showcase hand-built clay works by fellow students, and by Durst himself, in a new exhibit entitled “Atelier Durst”

The simple definition of the French word Atelier is: “an artist's or designer's studio or workroom” The atelier tradition, however, is a practice that reaches back to Renaissance Italy in which a master artist opens his studio to a select group of dedicated students, assistants and apprentices who would work together producing pieces of fine art released under the master's name or supervision. The practice waned in popularity the 19th century, as the art academy became a preferred method to train burgeoning artists, but remains today in a modern form, as a way to pass down artistic knowledge. The term and tradition remain common in the fashion industry.

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