Christy Lynne Seving and Laura McCracken

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August 10 - 26, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 10 from 6-9pm
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Christy Lynne Serving: Art has been therapy for me from a young age. I’ve used it as a coping mechanism, a shield, and a tool for personal growth. A couple of months ago I had an idea. There have been aspects of art that I’ve felt intimidated by, things that I’ve wanted to learn but worried I might not have the skills to master. I set out to improve my skills at drawing naturalistic faces, something that I was admittedly nervous about. I decided to draw a face every day for 80 days, the length of time I had to put my next show together, and share my progress openly. It made me feel vulnerable to publicly admit that there was a weak link in my artistic skill set. Once I got started I found that people were kind, encouraging, but also honest and offered constructive criticism. Facing My Fears is the culmination of this project. The exhibit is all portraits very small to very large, using multiple mediums. Here’s to doing hard things!

Laura McCracken: My intended life plan was thrown off course, interrupted by injury. My chosen art form was in question. Was I, physically, going to be able to do what my heart desires my hands to make? My artwork is a result of my introspection and my journey throughout a period of time where I was injured, to my years-long recovery. I was forced to redefine and reorganize my lifestyle and priorities. I have had many periods of transition while seeking a path out of chaos and into familiarity and flow.

Presently, I am walking a new life path. The layers of experiences in life become the steppingstones that form a path in our personal journeys. My work explores the themes of transition, renewal and finding new energy. I play with ebb and flow as a metaphor for transition. Previously, I have explored the concepts of energy and presence. They re-emerge regularly within my art.

In my chosen medium of fused glass, I am creating artwork that, like life, is constructed in layers. I create my work by cutting and layering the glass, with repeated firings in a kiln. I utilize variations in temperatures for desired effects.

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