Blake A. Chamness & Mary Ciancolo: There is Only Now

Next Gallery

October 11 - 27, 2019

  • Opening reception: Friday, October 11, 6 - 10 pm
There is Only Now, is an exhibit of new work by artists Blake A. Chamness and Mary Ciancolo. Blake is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work combines painting and sculpture to create poetic abstract forms. Mary is an acrylic painter whose current work focuses on portraits that are meant to convey emotions and tell a story. Their collected work for There is Only Now, offers different interpretations of the show’s title and theme for a dynamic mix of contemporary abstract and illustrative artwork.

Blake: The work for There is Only Now reflects the long contemplative process that precedes the physical art making. Due to life’s other demands this year such as work, renovating the house my wife and I recently bought, and having to wait for good weather to to do wood sculpture, the pieces for the show are made all at once in the two months prior to exhibition. Since the end of my last show, I’ve had 10 months to let the ideas form subconsciously and in daydreams. Creating the work feels like loosing a release valve on all that I’ve absorbed and pondered in that time. For me, the title of the show reflects the immediacy of creating the work and the demand for making decisions and committing to them. Like jazz or beat poetry, the art objects capture the much anticipated moment of rapturous or meditative creation.

Mary: In her debut show, Mary's work for There is Only Now is focused on raising awareness about the effects of climate change on animals. Each piece features an animal whose habitat is threatened by climate change and is likely to face dire consequences without immediate action. Her hope is for the viewer to feel a connection with the subjects, inspiring a sense of empathy and a desire to take action against climate change.

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