Charles Livingston: Catalyst 1,522,150

Naropa University's The Cube Gallery

March 19 - April 19, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday March 22 from 6-8 pm (with performances by Charles Livingston)
Catalyst 1,522,150 is performance/installation whereby Charles hand cut over 1,500,000 slices of bicycle inner tubes. Viewers are encouraged at any time to sit and take sliced pieces of the tube, count how many they are removing, record the number, sign and date the ledger. Charles counts every slice and keeps a separate ledger. The number of slices changes with each performance as viewers take pieces away and he adds. During the performance he attains a meditative state through breathing techniques aided by a mix of techno-ambient and hertz specific ambient chakra music.

Catalyst can be viewed as a catalyst for change and evolution through a process. A transformation from one state to a different state of being. From a micro to macro scale through accretion and accumulation similar to how nature constructs. It is a metaphor for the interconnection between all things. A shared experience that allows for an awakening to our place and potential in the world. In turn making the world a better place.

Living with manufactured plastics and synthetics is part of our everyday environment. Plastics and synthetics have been co-opted into the landscape, an undesired evolution of our nature. Using rubber, a petroleum product, addresses this chemically induced nature and environmental problem. This landscape is also represented in the synthesized sounds used to enhance a meditative state during the performance.

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