Dearly Disillusioned

Featuring: Birdseed Collective, Hardly Soft, Odessa and Pink Progression

McNichols Civic Center Building, Third Floor

January 18 - April 5, 2020

Dearly Disillusioned is a boundary-pushing exhibit coinciding with the centennial of women's suffrage and the fourth annual Womxn's March. Four local art collectives, Birdseed Collective, Hardly Soft, Odessa and Pink Progression, come together with unique and compelling perspectives on gender identity, protest, and equality. Curators and artists collaborate to explore new intersections of historical and contemporary narratives that inspire change in our community.

Reminiscing Declarations, a collaborative installation by Birdseed Collective artists Meredith Feniak, Karma Leigh and Kaitlyn Tucek, considers the visions of the suffragettes and the current state of women’s equality. Artists illuminate the stories of the disadvantaged and marginalized while intentionally pointing to the patriarchy as it continues to use its power to limit the voices of the feminine proletariat. Guests are encouraged to take a memorandum as they experience the work. Reminiscing Declarations is curated by Moe Gram.

In Trusting only Ourselves, Hardly Soft deliberates the effects of living in chaos for more than 1,000 days, noting the way the sense of urgency has adapted with time’s intervention and how the friction and force create an invisible weight. In conversation are works by artists Masha Sha and Tomas Díaz Cedeño, two minds that probe the limits between object-driven and process-driven studio investigations.

Odessa presents In the Making, an exhibition that challenges assumptions of HOW and WHY women make. Understanding that often women are asked to create work about, in-line with, or suggesting their femininity, this exhibition brings together our favorite female artists whose practice expands beyond these topics with bold, innovative ways of making and inspiring dialogue. Participating artists include Sierra Montoya Barela, Laura Dreyer, Talya Feldman, Shavana Smiley, Lindsay Smith Gustave and Hanna Waters.

Pink Progression: Coalesce incorporates a fusion of narratives through collaborative artwork. This collective process utilizes the power of networks to inspire social change, influenced by over a century of suffrage movements. Themes of inclusivity, equality and gender identity are woven into mixed media approaches. These multidimensional works emphasize the collective issues that confront us and the transformational ways we can find common ground. Participating artists include, Jane Dodge + Judy Anderson, Tiffany Matheson + Scottie Burgess + Robin Hextrum, Kathy Mitchell-Garton + Diane Allison, Eileen Roscina Richardson + Courtney E. Morgan, Regan Rosburg + Sarah Pickman, Louis Trujillo + James Mullane, Eriko Tsogo + Batkhishig Batochir + Tsogo Mijid, and Liz Quan + Sabin Aell.

McNichols Civic Center Building
144 West Colfax (corner of West Colfax and Bannock)
Denver, CO 80202