Grand (Re)Opening Party & Group Show

Kanon Collective

First Friday, August 2, 6-10pm

  • Kanon is back and part of the 40 West District in Lakewood at 6851 West Colfax Avenue, inside Pasternack's Art Hub (Just across the street from Casa Bonita)
  • Grand (Re)Opening Exhibit runs until Mid-August
We finally made it! Through permit issues, location changes, and floods, we have persevered and are finally ready to have a grand (re)opening party -- whew!

We'll have tons of refreshments and our neighbor gallery, Core New Art Space, will be having an opening the same night, so double the art party options! We're so excited they will finally be open, thus completing the Art Hub family, along with NEXT Gallery. Three awesome galleries in one space -- you can't beat that. Plus, did we mention all the free parking?

We're starting off with a group show, but we'll have our first solo show in mid-August so we are on our way to being back to our regularly scheduled program. It's been a long journey, but we're loving our new home and hope you will come out and celebrate with us.

On that note, we'd like to thank Meow Wolf, the 40 West Arts District, the city of Lakewood, and Bill Marino for helping us secure the grants we needed to move and re-open in our new space. We are eternally grateful and so happy to be a part of the Lakewood art community. Our new district may be smaller than our old one on Santa Fe, but we are constantly amazed at the support we receive and how they've made us a part of their family.
Denver-based visionary artist Amanda Vela Charbonneau a.k.a Spirit Pervades Matter's Solo Show opens on Friday, August 16th. We invite you to join us for the show's opening reception that night from 5-10pm.

Amanda creates original art as part of her meditation practice. Her work is an expression of her relationship to a power greater than herself and seeks to impart a sense of hope, peace, and joy within the viewer. Her process is stream-of-conscious, each form in her patterns is inspired by the previous; it is the physical unfolding of a journey of prayer and worship. Her body of work is mostly abstractions of wildlife, and is now beginning to include portraits. She re-imagines the motifs of the mandala and sacred geometry to create her own original style. She uses techniques and mediums such as free-hand ink and color pencil drawings, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, as well as mixed media creations, and each piece is meant to be uplifting through the use of vibrant colors, harmonious patterns, and positive intentions.

Kanon Collective
6851 W Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214