Daisy Patton: A Rewilded Arcadia

K Contemporary

October 6 - 27, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, October 6, 6-9 pm
  • In the Project Space: Kristin Stransky: FAUXreal
Patton - Untitled (Cottonwood Pollen by the Lake) - 60x60

This October at K Contemporary, long-buried fragments of the past will be given new life, renewed purpose, and fresh relevance as celebrated Colorado artist, Daisy Patton, unites Then and Now within the re-imagined gardens of A Rewilded Arcadia.

Beneath a lush botanical canopy, the upcoming exhibition is deeply rooted in humanity’s often complicated relationship with Nature. For much of Western history, humanity has positioned itself in opposition to nature. The landscape is to be rigidly tamed, manicured into precise gardens and parks, cultivated and devoid of uncertainty.

“A Rewilded Arcadia is about harmony with the natural world, as well as a lyrical way to think about wilderness,” explains Patton. “My figures are intertwined in patterns connecting to the surrounding scenery, and I see those patterns as elements of re-wilding, or returning to nature.”

In experiencing this body of work, which is part Patton’s “Forgetting is so long” series, the spectators will find a garden’s flowers gently, but overwhelmingly, wrap around its keepers. Floral patterns encircle figures in a loving embrace—a reminder that we are connected and immersed in the larger cycles of life and death.

Those familiar with Patton’s acclaimed work, will immediately recognize in Arcadia the fluent dialogue between lens and brush. She begins each conversation with a photograph, an anonymous and anchorless image and writes upon it a narrative expressed in bold colors, dynamic shapes and stylized floral patterns. Giving both past and present their voice, Patton’s re-awakened histories tell stories unbounded by time.

Daisy Patton currently has a solo exhibition on view at the Art Museum of the University of Colorado Boulder, This is Not Goodbye, showing through November, 2018. She has received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Boston/Tufts University, and her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Arts, with minors in History and Art History from the University of Oklahoma. Patton received the prestigious Montague Travel Grant for research in Dresden, Germany, and has completed distinguished residencies at Anderson Ranch, the Studios at MASS MoCA, the Minerva Projects and RedLine Denver.

K Contemporary
1412 Wazee St
Denver, Colorado 80202