The Peach Perspective: New Art Now

Gallerie B.B.

September 7 - 30, 2018

PEACH image
PEACH: SELECTIONS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE ARTIST; The first exhibition to focus exclusively on the PEACH perspective. The artist currently resides in the historic Art District on Santa Fe Drive. PEACH is emblematic of the growing interest in Contemporary fine art specific to Colorado and the New American West. Working in mixed-media the artist incorporates elements of time and space and nature, specifically natural forces into his work. Site specific installation based art and art objects are the PEACH forte. The paintings often include experimental mediums and feature elements of performance. The artist known as PEACH will be in attendance at the gallerie the evening of September 7th, 2018 from seven to ten pm. Private commissions are now available.

The other work in the gallery is Contemporary Fine Art including painting, sculpture and photography. The GALLERIE B.B. artists are shown in tandem with the ongoing Inaugural year Collection presentation of BORGIA, INC. Please Join us at Borgia, INC. / Gallerie BB located at 840 Santa Fe Drive, Denver in the Art District on Santa Fe, open Wed - Sun from Noon to 7pm