Beat Clack Snap

fooLPRoof contemporary art

October 4 - November 16, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday October 4th from 7:30-10pm
photomontage: Laura Phelps Rogers / fooLPRoof contemporary art

Beat Clack Snap explores the speed at which things are moving and volume of information we are required to sort and gather. The clatter and surveillance set amongst the hustle and bustle of time, travel and technology. Art can serve as respite thru artists ability to transport us into another world through their interpretation, examination, or showing us respite from the beat clack and snap of life.

The exhibition features well known and emerging local artists as well as national and international artists – list available upon request.

Other things to do while at the party: check one or all three of the #crushwalls projects the gallery director was invited to completed for this year’s Crushwalls event. New changeable art billboard on south front exterior of gallery, rear exterior 65” wall visible from gallery going to alley and the rear alley facing wall – or - Sign up for the Denver Arts Week Mosaic workshop with Jean Smith Nov. 7th or a Crushwalls Tour later Nov. 7th at 4 p.m.

fooLPRoof contemporary art
3240 Larimer Street
Denver, CO