Trine Bumiller: Via Dolorosa

First Congregational Church in Boulder

February 7 - April 8, 2020

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 7, 6-9p
  • Artist's Talk: Sunday February 16, 12p
Trine Bumiller: Via Dolorosa 6, 2020, oil on panel, 40 x 30"
Photo: Wes Magyar

Trine Bumiller’s exhibition, Via Dolorosa, continues a theme she began exploring with her Stations of the Cross series of paintings a year ago. The paintings borrow from the factual and historical precedents of the path, the Via Dolorosa (the sorrowful way), that Christ walked on his last day of life, and the stations along the way. Like artist Barnett Newman’s abstract series, this series shows the traditional 14 stations depicted in a non-traditional way.

The colors are muted and somber, yet airy; there is a progression from darkness to light, complex to simple, and unknowing to knowing. The branch-like forms take on a humanistic quality and evoke a nonliteral sense of history. Colors of the organic world contrast with the silvery metallic sheen of the built world. Precipitation, static, and interference appear on several panels, disrupting grace and suggesting movement, creating a flow from one moment to the next. Layers of history in the making and by association are suggested through the use of transparent oil glazes.

Using familiar natural forms to interpret the stations and pinpoint moments in time, Bumiller creates a memory of a natural world from the past. The idea of a path leading us on a journey transports us to the present as we navigate the change in our social and environmental worlds.

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