Katherine Johnson, Rachael Amos and Nolan Tredway

Edge Gallery

October 25 - November 10, 2019

  • Opening Reception: First Friday October 25 from 6-10pm
KJohnson Enduring
  Katherine Johnson - Enduring, 30” x 24”, acrylic

Katherine Johnson: Things as They Are

Beginning spontaneously opens the opportunity for expression of the unconscious. Looking focuses on cues for the direction the work needs to take. Acceptance means supporting what is already there to its own conclusion.

RAmos Roots
Rachael Amos - Roots 17” x 27”, pastel

Rachael Amos: In the Earth: Seeds, holes, cracks, streams, roots, human traces

Quite recently I realized that for about 30 years, a constant theme in my work has been things buried, sunk, inserted, or abandoned in the earth. It seemed to me that it would be interesting to see several of these pieces, including current work, together, thus this show which is part retrospective

Nolan Tredway - Wood Numen Mixed media monoprint on wood 6” x 9” 2019

Nolan Tredway: Portraits from the Rykobian Panpsychic Expeditions

For 13 years Alexandr Rykobi lived a state he called "panpsychic communion with the florapersonae." During this time, the floral numina of the area began to propogate delegates to speak with Rykobi, as the early root system had its limitations. These exploratory forums began to be known as the Garden Sessions. They varied in length and frequency, with some lasting several days. When autumn ended, Rykobi would furiously fill dozens of journal pages with notes and sequences detailing his encounters. These portraits are based on his notes from the first expedition.

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