Julio Alejandro: Fridge Art


August 3 - 31, 2018

  • Opening Reception: First Friday August 3 ​from 7-11pm

Denver, Colorado-based artist Julio Alejandro returns to DATELINE with all new work in his latest solo exhibition Fridge Art. Following on from The Sounds of Earth (2016), Alejandro has chosen to study aspects of the everyday and, in doing so, aims to create a new portrait of history according to his own vision. Fridge Art refers to a rich array of cultural heritage: from classic contemporary literature to self help books and modern popular culture. In stark contrast to recent work, Alejandro paints in a comparatively simplified manner; scrawling bright, primary colored figures and other familiar nostalgia on gessoed canvas. The result is minimal Pop Art without all the gimmicks of kitsch.

Fridge Art will also feature works on paper drawn by the artist and colored by Jack Fitzmaurice and Beatrice Presswalla.

Julio Alejandro lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Pulling from human anatomy to cartoon imagery, Alejandro creates drawings and paintings expressionistically, referencing histories of surrealist automatism and pop cultural détournement. Alejandro has shown previously at DATELINE as well as Alto Gallery and Juicebox art space. He has appeared in multiple group shows around the city of Denver and has multiple works of art in the permanent collection of the Born Hotel. He like cats and enjoys making bread at home in the oven.

3004 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
instagram: @ddaatteelliinnee