Invisible Information: New Paintings by Jason Albert Garcia

God Spelled Backwards New Paintings by Patrick Kane McGregor


August 1 - 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 2nd from 6-11pm
Jason Garcia - Godseye

The work of Jason Garcia, Invisible Information at Dateline, is a display of varied gradations of color. Ojo De Dios or God’s Eye imagery is painted and deconstructed. Traditionally woven, Ojo De Dios are hung in homes or posted along a path as a blessing, placed in environments as guidance of how to proceed towards uncertainty. At face value Garcia’s work is rooted in the fundamentals of color theory. Further investigation reveals that the work considers a sociopolitical climate on national, local and individual platforms. Garcia’s research is rooted in autoethnography, an approach that aims to represent and systematically deconstruct personal exploits in an attempt to understand a cultural experience. Reflective of that cultural experience, his work for DATELINE is an investigation of how multiple meanings can intersect and erode each other.

In Garcia’s investigation, Invisible Information addresses his concerns that reside in the universal actions of observance, translation and understanding of an object. Garcia’s presentation of each Ojo de Dios is what transcends each painting into being a symbol as a placeholder or signpost for meaning. Simply put, in this case, blessings can be identified differently for the artist and each viewer. Garcia’s work requests the viewer to contemplate his or her own.

Invisible Information Jason Garcia was born in Orange, California in 1975. He earned a BFA from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1997 and his MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2014.

Patrick “Kane” McGregor - God spelled backwards...

At a young age Patrick found Interest in comic books and the art of Frank Frazetta which inspired him to draw. After a divorce led him to the Bay Area, Patrick then found graffiti and focused on this heavily for the next 8 years. He then moved to Portland after the birth of his son, only to discover the lost art of photo realistic handpainted billboards. He saw a guy hanging from a building painting a Blockbuster ad (his first teacher, Art, in using an academic and fine art approach in realism and using oils and brushes.) After bugging the owner to get hired to even clean this guys brushes and learn this seemingly fleeting occupation, he jumped and quickly understood color theory and anatomy within 5 years.

After 20 or so years painting these large scale advertisements he perfected his style to paint the art of photo realism combined with traditional sign painting. He worked with various advertising and out door sign companies that lead him to New York, many of which he still freelances with.

Now, after moving back to Colorado in 2012, the style he portrays in his portraits, art and murals is a mixture of all of these art forms combined. Pen and ink, graffiti, sign painting and oil painting. With this heavy use of color and playful immortalization of mans best friend, of which he is most comfortable painting, the battle he faces now is to deconstruct what he has learned and come into his own style, which is a step towards the journey you will witness in this exhibit. His connection with dogs and his bulldog “Boug” dates back to the digital photo revolution, when taking photos became less and less expensive. In this time, he took numerous photos of his muse, and now using these photos for reference in his work.

Patrick “Kane” McGregor is a Colorado native born in Denver Colorado.

Garcia and McGregor currently share a renovated garage studio with fellow graffiti artist DREAD in the Denver neighborhood of Globeville.

3004 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
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instagram: @ddaatteelliinnee