Ben Siekierski: Adult Swim


January 12 - February 3, 2019

  • Artists Reception: Saturday January 12th from 6-11pm
Ben Siekierski - Pool Shark - 2018 - Porcelain, tile, grout, mid-fire porcelain clay

Returning to DATELINE for his first ever solo show as a graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Ben Siekerski presents ‘Adult Swim’ a distinctly tongue-in-cheek play on where each of us stand in relation to our perceived competitors.

Siekerski’s ceramic works reflect the artist’s own thoughts about competition in the art world: these swimmers are viewed as stationary statues wanting to wade further both forward and against other swimmers, but instead act as symbols of their own futile enterprise.

Although directly harking on sportsmanship, Siekerski’s sculptures—suspended swimmers, fish and other aquatic paraphernalia—hark on the claustrophobia of confined arenas and definitions of success that pervade everyday experience.

3004 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
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