Sherman Finch & Jiffer Harriman: Kinetic Iterations

Ayn Hanna: LineScapes

Madeleine Dodge: RUST

Laura Ahola-Young: Echo Trail

Dairy Arts Center

June 22 - July 29, 2018

Dairy June July Exhibition
Dairy Arts Center
2590 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80302


A A dual-artist exhibition in the McMahon Gallery, ​Kinetic Iterations, ​will feature works by Houston artist Sherman Finch and Boulder artist Jiffer Harriman that bridge the gaps between visual art, sound art, kinetics, and viewer interaction. All of the works in this exhibition are meant to be interacted with in order to produce their full effect, whether that be creating sound, visual art, and/or movement. Although they work quite differently, both artists focus on kinetics and physics in the designs of their unique, interactive pieces. As Finch says in his artist statement, “As the work is set into motion, a conversation between visual aesthetics and embodied interaction is ensued, resulting in a playful approach to the art experience.”

The MacMillan Family Lobby will feature a solo fiber exhibition by Ayn Hanna titled ​LineScapes. Trained as a printmaker, Hanna uses multiple processes to create rich active surfaces, exploring drawing and mark-making in her work. In her fiber work, Hanna combines multiple layers of her own hand-dyed and screen-printed fabrics with machine and hand-stitched lines to develop richly textured abstract textile “paintings.” As Hanna states, “I am inspired by our many systems for mapping and organizing ideas, stories, data and place. I enjoy the overlaps that exist between art and science – shapes, models, diagrams, formulas, patterns.” Her ​LineScapes​ series, featured in this exhibition, is inspired by maps of real and imagined places.

Madeleine Dodge’s works will be on display in the Polly Addison Gallery. Her solo show, ​RUST, focuses on exploring beauty and transcendence in the most ordinary and mundane of things. Over the past ten years, Dodge has arranged raw steel squares in her garden, allowing the passage of time and the elements to oxidize and transform them by stages into rust. The colorful, abstract images that her process created “reveal a kind of hidden life and the activity of energies beyond our immediate perception,” Dodge says. “Like paths of Ch’i or the work of an anonymous alchemist, perhaps you will see here the cosmos, a glimpse into a mystical landscape or microbes – it’s up to you.”

Laura Ahola-Young’s works will be on display in ​Echo Trail, ​a solo show in the Hand-Rudy Gallery. Ahola-Young’s painting process includes labored mark-making and research. She explores how to represent what is fleeting, a speck, a circumstance, or a neural, biological, sensory occasion. From the minuscule to the vast, she is interested in revealing unseen realities and has been actively studying the science of rust, mold, moss, swarm patterns, and microscopic diseases. “This exhibition is inspired by my homeland, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota, and my concerns for the possibility of a proposed copper mine that will affect the water and ecosystems surrounding the Boundary Waters,” Ahola-Young says in her statement.