Jude Barton and Brian Haley

In the Annex: Leslie Jorgensen

Core New Art Space

August 23 - September 9, 2018

  • Artist reception: Friday August 24 from 7-10pm featuring the live Gypsy Jazz of the Aaron Walker Trio
Jorgensen1Leslie Jorgensen

Jude Barton presents Meditation on a Square: A Neo-modern formalist approach, intentionality and freedom within structure. Jude explores the form and function of line, shape and space; creating a certain uncluttered calm while maintaining liberty within the fragmented and blurred iconic images she often uses in her work. Barton’s blending of shadows and shades contain nuances of serenity; an organic vision brought into focus through intentional structure. Freedom found in structure.

Brian Haley, who exhibits primarily on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM, explores the synergies and contrasts between clean rolled steel and distressed wood. Haley works to assimilate the disparities between century old hand salvaged mine wood and mid-century modern design characteristics to create one of a kind tables, chairs, and wall art.

Leslie Jorgensen travels across the Rocky Mountains and the west, skiing, hiking and biking along the way. She paints the landscapes she visits and the outdoor activities within those landscapes. Her landscapes are abstracted and playful.

CORE New Art Space was founded in 1981 as a non-profit contemporary art cooperative. It is comprised of 24 member artists and is located in Denver’s historic Santa Fe Arts District. Core provides professional gallery space to its members as well as to the broader arts community. Core offers additional opportunities to artists in the form of juried feature exhibitions. The mission of Core New Art Space is to encourage the exploration of new and different forms of expression and to promote to the general public the understanding of contemporary art.

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