Jude Barton and Chuck McCoy: Axioms & Afterimages

CORE New Art Space

March 6 - 22, 2020

  • Guest Artist Nicola Stefano in the Annex
  • Opening Reception: Friday March 6, 6:00 - 10:00 PM
coreJude Barton - Axioms, the Edge of Neo Modernism: A revitalization of form

Jude Barton’s colorful abstracts have a strong affinity with architecture, music and geometric axioms. She refers to her work as Neo Modern Formalism which acknowledges process and materiality but confines those elements to a subordinate position. Barton sees her work as a reassertion and revitalization of modernism. She believes that the attenuated thread of modernism has remained just under the surface of postmodern expressions and is currently in a period of reemergence.

Chuck McCoy - Afterimages

What do you see when you close your eyes? What do you see after you stare? Afterimages. The ghosts of things seen and thought. According to McCoy these are the things that roll around in his head while working on these new pieces combining digital inkjet, CNC routing and painting on plastic and wood panels and paper. Starting with a rational framework such as the golden ratio and tatami mats he then takes them to unexpected and irrational places. As he says “Since I’m creating major elements entirely with a computer I can zoom in and out of structures as I build them and play with the elements that appeal to me, all the time trying to imagine what they will look like when I hand the files to the fabricators.” The results can be unexpected, much like life. Both artists are participating in the Month of Printmaking. Barton with screenprints along with acrylic paintings. McCoy with further explorations of digital inkjet used in a variety of techniques and materials.

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