Donny Dixon and Earl Chuvarsky

Core New Art Space

August 2 - 19, 2018

  • Core Annex will feature the work of Melissa Van Deventer
  • Opening reception for Melissa Van Deventer: Thursday August 2nd from 5-8pm
  • First Friday Reception: Friday August 3rd from 6-9pm
Dixon chaos
Donny Dixon at Core

Donny Dixon uses fire to create his art. This primal element gives the work a push-pull relationship of chaos versus control. This technique, combined with other mediums, creates rich and complex surfaces that contain both concrete and ethereal elements. It is here on these surfaces that he can build a stage to provoke response, and combat the overwhelming noise that fills our lives.

Earl Chavursky presents his ongoing series “Made in America”. Born from the political maelstrom that has defined the last several years, Chuvarsky’s paintings seek to critique the continued divisiveness and disinformation of modern politics while examining the issues that define American culture, whether it be our insatiable appetite for consumerism or pop-culture rhetoric. By acknowledging and documenting the flaws, Chuvarsky hopes to shift focus to something uniquely American: optimism. Chuvarsky quips: “I’m inviting everyone to take a moment, to pause Cardi B and stop taking selfies. Take the time and reflect on what you really want for the future – then go out there and actually do it.”

Emerging artist Melissa Van Deventer, a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Colorado Fine Arts and Art History department, is sharing her beautifully unique abstract pieces with us in her “Go with the Flow” show. Her love for paint in its purest from influenced her recent works involving various pouring and color mixing techniques, that create beautifully organic contemporary compositions and unveil a unique beauty in the eye of each beholder. Similar to modern day Rorschach Tests – you’ll leave the “Go with the Flow” show with a delightfully unique interpretation of the paint combinations you’ve seen.

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