Character Development

Access Gallery

August 3 - September 7, 2018

  • First Friday Opening: August 3 from 4-8pm
Lorne character copy
Each summer at Access Gallery, we greet a new group of a dozen or so students for an arts-infused summer job readiness program. Our students come to us from a variety of sources and from across the greater Denver metro area. For 8 weeks, we get to know these remarkable young people.

Each summer has a different feel or flavor if you will. This particular summer we were struck by how many of our students loved animation. Almost to a tee each of them had wonderful characters and or super heros in their sketchbooks. Some of the characters were self-reflective, others were just along for the ride.

As we got to know these students, we saw not only their creativity – but their character. They were ready to work and ready to tackle whatever we asked them to do. They were introduced to a variety of career opportunities, they visited an array of workplaces, and they even collaborated in the design of posters highlighting issues important to them. This show is a culmination of this summer. We were so lucky to get to know such a cast of characters – we wanted to share a bit of that magic with you all.

Access Gallery/VSA Arts of Colorado
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