Abend Gallery

August 10 - 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10th, 6-8pm
  • Participating artists: Dina Brodsky, Phoenix Chan, Morgan Cameron, Jon Ching, Marina Dieul, Stuart Dunkel, Thorgrimur Einarsson, Jennifer Gennari, Dana Hawk, Cody Jimenez, Criminy Johnson, Lindsey Kustusch, Shelli Langdale, Claudia Martucci, Gina Matarazzo, Patrick Maxcy, Ryan Morse, Josie Morway, Alexandrea Pangburn, Rob Rey, Jess Wathen, Michele Kortbawi Wilk, Zane York
Please join us on Saturday, August 10th, 6-8pm, for the opening reception of Animalia, a beautiful glimpse into the wonders of the animal kingdom. The artists present stunningly rendered portraits, captivating settings, and impeccable technique, allowing us a close look at the wonders of the natural and imagined fauna.

Abend Gallery
1412 Wazee St
Denver, CO 80202
Tue-Sat: 12:00 - 6:00 pm