The Big Picture: Images From Around The World, Inside and Out the Door

Illiterate Gallery

March 4 - 25, 2011



(from the press release)

As part of the Month of Photography, Illiterate presents The Big Picture, an exhibition of grand scale contemporary photography exposing the possibility to connect people through an exchange of images as information instantly transferred and blown up to large proportions. Through a combination of invitations and an international open call for entree, images have been gathered from talented photographers all over the globe and expanded as monumental Xerox prints. The Big Picture begins inside Illiterate gallery and spills out into satellite venues and the streets of Denver and sister cities around the globe where Big Picture images are posted at approved outdoor locations.

INSIDE: Join Illiterate for an opening reception on March 4 at the gallery and at satellite locations, Theory and Practice (738 Santa Fe Dr.) and Space Gallery (765 Santa Fe Dr.) where highlights from this expansive exhibit will be on display with a catalog on hand of all Big Picture images available to be printed on demand.

OUTDOORS: Throughout the Month of Photography stay up to date with new developments in the constantly evolving Big Picture public installation project. Visit The Big Picture interactive online map and see when images are posted in new locations in Denver and cities beyond!


Nathan Abels | Joe Addison | Sabin Aell | Steven Alsobrook | Anne Arden McDonald | Horatio Baltz | Terri Bell | Brenda Biondo
Stephanie Borgman | Leon Brauer | Martin Brink | Paul Brokering | Joe Calleri | Shannon Casey Chad Chisholm | Neil Craver
Ian Crawford-McKinney | James Cromwell Holden | Paul Crossland John Davenport | Jerry De La Cruz | Vincent Descotilis | Bree Dulaney
Lauri Dunn | Pamela Fantinato | Rytis Gervickas | Elena Golltta | Liz Guarracino | Tina Hage | Kristen Hatgi | Emilie Hitch
Emilie Hinson Barbara Houghton | Josh Hunter | Russel Joslin | Susan Junker | Nikos Kantarakias | Tod Kapke | Tina Kazakhishvili
Candice Knutson | Ferit Kuyas | Aela Labbe | Tani Maher | Isa Marcelli | Laura Merage | Elizabeth Miller | Johnathan Nicklow
Jesse Nobbe | Pamela North | Tamaki Obuchi Samuele Papiro | Rachel Paton | Aleksandra Patova | Melinda Percell | Gilles Perrin
Michael Pointer | Justin Quinnell | Allie Reyes | Rett Rogers | Ed Ross | Denis Roussel | Henri Sanders | Wendi Schneider
Mike Schonebaum | Burak Serdaroglu | Mark Sink | Dalibor Talajic | Kate Tillman |Silvie Tillmann | Taria Trygg | Erika Tsuchiya Bergere
Katsuyoshi Ueno | Corinne Vionnet | Melanie Walker | Curtis Wehrfritz | Francis Willey | Dave Wood | David Zimmer | Mario Zoots

82 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
Tue-Sat: 11am-7pm


photos by Ken Hamel/