Zach Reini: A Leaden Stride to Nowhere

Gildar Gallery

January 12 - February 18, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, January 12th from 6-9pm
Pay Day Sleeve (detail) | 58 x 50 | Sharpie on canvas | 2017

The automated assembly lines churning out cultural ephemera are subject to the rogue factory defect, the hair out of place, the line gone astray. Try as one might some work gets recalled, destroyed, or shelved for some other time. Win some, lose the rest. The exhibition A Leaden Stride To Nowhere by Zach Reini is an exploration into the various points along that production line. Jerry-rigged machines attempt autonomous movement and their creator strives for machine precision. Provisional moments and remnants gain primary status. This iterative process marks the way towards an uncertain destination between success and failure, automatic and manual, product and artwork, a man and his devices.

About the Artist:

Zach Reini (b.1990) has gained notoriety for his paintings and sculptures that use a visual archive of popular and subcultural symbols in constant cycles of appropriation. Reini’s artwork has been exhibited in the US and Europe including solo and duo exhibitions in Miami, Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Milan and Denver. His works have been displayed in multiple art fairs including NADA New York and Miami as well as Material, Mexico City, ArtBo, Bogota, and Untitled Miami Beach. Reini has also had a solo institutional exhibition at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and was most recently featured in the exhibition Thief Among Thieves at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.

Gildar Gallery
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