Eric Matelski: Fragments

Sellars Project Space

August 13 - 30 , 2008

Opening reception Friday August 15th, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Eric Matelski "Fragments" at Sellars Project Space

Sellars Project Space
4430 Tennyson St
Denver, CO 80212


Artists Statement:

Fragments are the simple pieces of our lives that make us who we are.

Fragments began as a personal project in 2006. I sent disposable cameras to different people in different locations worldwide. I asked them to document one day of their lives from start to finish with the camera and send it back. What I got back were pictures of life, nothing staged. The photos had no brilliant compositions at all. This would turn out to be a true artistic challenge. How would I find the beauty in the every day things we take for granted

For months I toyed with the ways to present the work. The more I stared at the pictures the more I started to find the natural compositions and hidden beauty in them. Just like life, you have to take a step back every once in awhile to truly appreciate what you have. This was truly an awakening but I still did not know how to present my new discovery.

Like most other artists I know, I am a pack rat. I see potential in almost everything. I have boxes of treasures (trash) all over my studio. I realized most of the wooden scraps I possessed were for the most part unusable for any construction purpose. If any of these fragments of wood were lying on the side of the road, most people would pass them by. If they stopped to look at the pieces of wood a little closer, they would notice that these scraps were worn and beaten to perfection. These fragments became the perfect vessels to bring out the natural beauty and composition of every day life.

I ask that you take a moment to step back and appreciate the Fragments of life. May each Fragments be a reminder of the simple things that inspire you and make you who you are.


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