Denver Central Library, Level 7, Vida Ellison Gallery

November 7 - December 31, 2017

  • Opening reception: Tuesday November 7th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Curated by Anthony Waichulis, this historic exhibition aims to not only highlight these artists’ immense skill and talent but acknowledge their major contributions in the field of art education as well. The exhibition opens on Tuesday, November 7 in the Vida Ellison Gallery (Level 7) at the Denver Central Library and closes on December 31.

For nearly 40,000 years mankind has been contributing to a vast visual record of the human condition. Weaving creativity with convention, each generation of mark-makers would pass along to the next an evolving visual vocabulary that would eventually overcome barriers of time, distance, language, and culture. Today, art educators prepare new generations of creatives to contribute new chapters to this unique, ongoing epic. Legacy is a celebration of these educators.

Participating Artists: Juliette Aristides, Dru Blair, Neilson Carlin, Rodney Davis, Jon deMartin, Edward Dillon, Michelle Dunaway, Kerry Dunn, Paul Foxton, Donato Giancola, David Gray, Amanda Hallenius, Russell Harris, Jeffrey Hein, Timothy Jahn, Joel Carson Jones, David Kassan, Jeremy Lipking, Deborah Lloyd, Edward Minoff, Juan Martinez, Kevin Moore, Tim Reynolds, Mario Robinson, Richard Schmid, Jordon Sokol, Dan Thompson, Sadie Valeri, Scott Waddell, Jeffrey Watts, Anthony Waichulis, Leah Waichulis, Patricia Watwood, Elizabeth Zanzinger

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Denver, CO 80204
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