It's a Colorful World

Denver International Airport Main Terminal Gallery (Level 5)

December 2017 - April 2018

Melanie Rothchild - Guten Tag Trails - Acrylic on panel - 48"x36"

For most of us, color plays an important role in the way we perceive the world. As children, we develop our understanding of the world establishing color associations with most of the things that we can touch, taste, smell and even hear.

Think of an apple...what color popped into your mind?
A rubber duck?
A swimming pool?
The grass under your feet?

As you continue on your travels, you will probably think of many more. The artists in this exhibit explore the several ways colors sit together, how they make us feel, and the impact the use of color has in our world.

"One color carries its own meaning. Two colors create a harmony. Three colors create something totally new.” - Inkyo Back

Michael Warren Contemporary is a leading contemporary art gallery in the Arts District on Santa Fe Drive in Denver. The gallery provides one of the largest bodies of salable art in the city representing 45 artists from around the country. Additionally the gallery consigns more than 5,000 fine art prints from internationally recognized artists whose work has been placed into museums around the world.


About the artists:

Melanie Rothschild, a Los Angeles-based artist, takes seemingly spontaneous paint pours, let's them dry as skins and then uses them as constructive elements to make her final compositions, on panel, metal fabrications, and suspended in air.

William Loveless lives in the Yucca Valley of southern California. His glue paintings present a patterned realm of action and reaction. They involve a wet-on-wet technique which yields a luminous surface of milky translucence in which richly-hued inks and watercolors are suspended.

Colby Brumit is a Denver-based mixed media artist and graphic designer. After obtaining a BA in art history (University of Colorado, Boulder) and a BFA in printmaking (Metropolitan State University of Denver. His colorful portraits are pieced together with magazines, posters, his own printed imagery, maps, notes and even Bingo Cards. In his other life, he maintains a graphic design practice and has designed for Denver International Airport and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Ted Laredo lives in Albuquerque. He produces saturated color fields and line drawings that are purposefully minimal. Laredo is concerned with the act of experiencing his works without the distraction of deciphering meaning or content. Mono-diptychs, Laredo’s works are covered in phosphorescent micro beads that read different ways throughout the clay and then shimmer with an ethereal inner-light at night.

Raul de la Torre, a Catalonian artist now living in Los Angeles, begins with brightly colored paint sequences on canvas. De la Torre then cuts out sections of his work only to reestablish the composition by embroidering yarns to match the colors of the paints.

Inkyo Back lives and works in Seoul, South Korea; her practice is focused on introducing color in site-specific installations. lnkyo received her BFA in Ceramics and Glass at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea and then earned her MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.