Double Vision: A Glimpse Through the Eyes of Vice City By-products

Featuring Miami-based artists Luis Valle aka "EL CHAN GURI” and Jay Bellicchi aka “REMOTE”


September 8 - October 1, 2017

  • Vernissage opening reception: Friday September 8th, 6-9PM
  • Grand opening reception: Saturday September 9th, 6-11PM with a very special musical performance by Pterrorfractyl
  • Curated by Lorenzo Talcott
3004 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
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Double Vision will consist of a combination of two dimensional and three dimensional works from Luis Valle and Jay Bellicchi appropriating their background in outdoor street and mural art for a gallery setting. The work on display will explore and contest themes of death, cultural heritage and the artistic tradition of Memento Mori. By incorporating the human skull into their work both Valle and Bellicchi attempt to explode and override feelings of anxiety towards images of death. The show references the artistic tradition of Momento Mori, a Latin phrase that translates as ‘remember you have to die’, which welcomes and encourages images of mortality as a reminder to its viewer of Carpe Diem, or ‘seize the day’. Borrowing influence from pre-shamanistic culture in Colombia, Valle's work harks upon spirituality, physicality and sound. Bellicchi's work is similarly incidental, dependent on movement and reaction, but rests firmly against his background in and affinity with graffiti culture. There will be over 30 pieces of work on view and available for purchase.

Luis Valle "EL CHAN GURI” is a multi-disciplined artist who was born in Managua, Nicaragua. Valle and his family re-located to Miami, Florida, due to war and political instability in their homeland. Luis expressed interest and excelled in the arts from an early age. He received formal training from Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, specialising in painting and metal fabrication. He later went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree from NYU, where he developed a strong interest and practice in video art. He is now an active agent and influence within the Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL and his large-scale murals can be viewed throughout the world, as well as parts of Southern Florida.

Since moving to Miami in 2000, Jay Bellicchi “REMOTE”, a Boston native, has grown alongside the burgeoning art scene as a dynamic artist with influences in graffiti and graphic design. He was inspired by his father at a young age, a visual artist and graphic designer. Bellicchi’s love for art and music directed him to graffiti and street art. In 2007, Bellicchi co-founded ALT SPACE Art Gallery in Coconut Grove, Miami, FL, an artist operated gallery. Some years later, he founded "GRAFF TOYZ," an eccentric toy company that creates graffiti inspired décor pieces and art objects. Bellicchi's most recent project is a new series of work entitled SPRAYSKULL, a sculptural series which primarily incorporates re-used and re-purposed graffiti and art making materials. Bellicchi has adorned canvases, walls and fine art pieces with his artwork for more than 20 years. His work has been featured in numerous South Florida publications, in addition to national and internationally distributed art books.

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Founded by resident curator Jeromie Lawrence Dorrance and artist Adam Milner in 2013, DATELINE's mission is to provide an alternative exhibition space for emerging artists who exercise experimental or marginal approaches to their art-making practices. Featuring exhibitions from national and international artists alongside a rotating roster of guest curators, DATELINE is, at its heart, a project space for artists and stimulating node in the mid-western US market.

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