Blink! Light, Sound and the Moving Image

Denver Art Museum

March 13 - May 1, 2011

DAM Director Christoph Heinrich with Dan Flavin's "Untitled (For A.C.)", 1992
photo by Ken Hamel/

Keeping in the spirit of 2010's excellent "Embrace" exhibit, the DAM has put the baroque character of the Hamilton Building's second floor to good use as a backdrop for "Blink! Light, Sound and the Moving Image," a well-conceived glimpse at the museum's considerable collection of electronic media. Many old favorites that have been on display over the years are back, including Alan Rath's 1991 "Looker II," and Charles Sandison's frenetic multi-projector video work "Chamber"—which made it's debut as part of "Embrace"
is in good spirits back in its former home, the hopelessly skewed Martin and McCormick Gallery on the 2nd floor.

Wandering the maze of light and sound of Blink! is made comfortable through the ample use of couches and nooks that invite the viewer to take time out and experience the works, as unlike more traditional media, which can often be grasped with a glance, many of the works that Blink! has brought forth are indeed challenging and require a bit of work, for example, Bill Viola's slow motion video choreography of "Eternal Return" (2000) begs to be studied for the interminable but eventual climax of the main character's plunge.

The entire exhibit is a dark and mysterious place with light and sound emanating from every corner, the entire experience being much like a cinematic carnival; and no surprise, the show will be a hit with kids who are generally much more sophisticated than their elders when it comes to multimedia (having spent a young lifetime in front of video games, computers and on-demand TV.) Interactive works for the kids to play with include William Jude Rumley's 1990 "Recognition" (be sure to have a seat), and other works that kids will no doubt marvel at include Tony Ousler's 1996 "Zero" and Bjorn Melhus 2009 "Still Men Out There." - KLH

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