In Situ: Kim Dickey, Humberto Duque, Isabelle Hayeur, Ximena Labra

Center for Visual Art

January 4 – February 9, 2013

  • Opening Reception: January 4, 6-9pm
  • Creative Mission: Student Gallery Talk: First Friday, February 1, 6pm
  • Students from MSU Denver will talk about their experiences assisting Humberto Duque, Ximena Labra and Kim Dickey with their public art installations at DIA and at CVA
Kim Dickey - photos by Ken Hamel/

Humberto Duque

(from the press release)

The Metropolitan State University of Denver, Center for Visual Art proudly presents In Situ with Kim Dickey, Humberto Duque, Isabelle Hayeur and Ximena Labra from January 4 – February 9, 2013. Like a scent that captures your conscious thought, a work of art can transport you to another place, locales once visited or those conjured in the imagination. In Situ features landscapes that have been raked over, left behind or reinterpreted through the artistʼs eye.

Hailing from Canada, Mexico and Colorado these four artists will make their way to the CVA via DIA. Each was commissioned to create temporary installations at the Denver International Airport and will present an extension of their work at the CVA. The artwork ventures into the realm of outdoor locations, from formal gardens and baseball fields to hideouts below an overpass. These outdoor investigations, all situated inside, take the viewer beyond the confines of the white walls and serve as a prompt for us to contemplate our surroundings.

Boulder artist Kim Dickey creates ceramic garden settings that seem to have sprung from a storybook illustration. Large hedge-like sculptures with precise rows of leaves made of clay conjure maze-like English Victorian gardens. The presence of these hedges with their stylized leaves, each one a replica of the next, situated in a gallery setting, enhances the artificial nature and underscores the narrative quality of the work.

Through his artwork, Mexico City artist Humberto Duque also evokes place, at times familiar yet unknown. His humor-infused installations, assembled with everyday objects, are playful studies of human tendencies and pass-times. Duqueʼs piece for In Situ, utilizes kitchen timers to emphasize the lengthy sessions spent waiting for something to happen, particularly while watching the game of baseball.

Canadian artist Isabelle Hayeur presents large-scale landscape photographs that belie the more commonly expected and idealized take on natural settings. Hayeurʼs images are collages of seemingly disparate sites that feature similar visual scarring, evidence of societyʼs disregard. As investigations into human relationships with the land, these photographs reveal manufactured environments that are becoming more and more devoid of cultural and geographical distinctions.

Ximena Labra lives in Mexico City and describes her work as public space intervention projects. The photographs in Labraʼs Abandon series capture remnants of an event that has recently occurred, clues to an unknown story. The photographs bring attention to items accidentally left behind or carelessly dropped in various places, and invite the viewer to imagine who the actors were and what scene might have transpired.

Emerging Artist Gallery
In response to In Situ, inventive toys and documentary photographs by young artists from the La Alma neighborhood will be featured in the Emerging Artist Gallery. These programs, built in collaboration with ACE Community School, Boys and Girls Club of Denver and the Denver Housing Authority, develop a sustaining bridge between Denver youth and contemporary art.

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