Susie Biehl: DISCARDS: Man and Nature

Work by new Core members Jude Barton, Jen Herling, Jim Riggins, Austin Howlett, Susan Hazaleus, and Emmanuelle Auzias

Core New Art Space

November 16 - December 3, 2017

  • Opening reception: Friday, November 17 from 6-8 pm
Susie Biehl, “Blue Vase”, mixed media, 2017

Susie Biehl’s exhibit DISCARDS: Man and Nature, along with work by new Core members Jude Barton, Jen Herling, Jim Riggins, Austin Howlett, Susan Hazaleus, and Emmanuelle Auzias will be showing in the main gallery.

CORE New Art Space
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Denver, CO 80204
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Sun: 1-4 pm


Susie Biehl’s exhibition DISCARDS: Man and Nature is an eclectic mix of Assemblage, Collage, Exploration and Accumulation. Collecting rejected materials from man and nature has been a lifelong passion for Susie. “I create my art by mixing man-made rejects with plant-based discards,” says Susie.

Susie feels that many things are beautifully engineered for one intention, with a very short life, only to be fed to landfills. “I have a love of nature and a fascination in our footprint on the planet as well as mother natures'. I don't come up with an idea first and then find materials. Rather, I find the materials and they come together in magical and surprising outcomes.”

Jim Riggin’s ink work stems from a loose stream of consciousness that is determined by the process itself. The result of fine detail and intricate patterns evoke an alternate time and place.

Jude Barton’s “Chasing Kandinsky” series draws on the principles of color and form as an outward expression of inner content. In her exploration of abstraction and pure non-objective forms she uses a spiritual vocabulary of which Wassily Kandinsky speaks in his work "Concerning the Spiritual in Art".

The art of Jen Herling depicts mythopoetic atmospheric dreamscapes. It is decidedly feminine in nature, yet expresses universal themes of isolation, loss, and grief balanced with innocence, hope, and strength. With a flair for innocence, and a dark twist, her figurative paintings are enigmatic, and emotionally provocative.

Emmanuelle Auzias will be showing “Abstract Postcard from Seashore”. It highlights abstract emotional postcards inspired by the seashore of South of France, from Emmanuel addressed to you. Looking at them, she asks that the viewer imagine being with her in a place and in a moment, that cannot be shared in any other way than art.

Susan Hazaleus is interested in creating works that are ephemeral, unexpected and in particular interactive. Her work employs a variety of media, incorporating both traditional materials such as paper and fabric, as well as more contemporary materials, including electronics and video or sound projections. She is currently working with electronic components and microcontrollers to make kinetic objects with light and movement.

Austin Howlett’s work is driven by a sense of vulnerability. He strives to be in an emotionally vulnerable state when creating when painting. He paints figures who experience nature in a way that illustrates a connection with the world through emotion. Through raw emotions these figures are comforted by the nature that surrounds them. Within these images humans and nature are one being. His hope is that these works can be viewed with vulnerability and honesty.

CORE New Art Space was founded in 1981 as a non-profit contemporary art cooperative. It is comprised of 24-member artists and is located in Denver’s historic Santa Fe Arts District. Core provides professional gallery space to its members as well as to the broader arts community. Core offers additional opportunities to artists in the form of juried feature exhibitions. The mission of Core New Art Space is to encourage the exploration of new and different forms of expression and to promote to the general public the understanding of contemporary art.

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