Saints and Sinners

Featuring Core members Claudia Roulier, Kim Anderson and Jeff Hughes

Core New Art Space

June 1 - 18, 2017

  • Gallery Reception: Friday, June 9, 6-9pm
honorablethief lowresKim Anderson

In their shared show, Roulier and Anderson challenge the concepts of good vs. evil found in the context of religion within societal norms. Hughes’ body of work contains pieces from his "Dream" series as well as new works that are part of a new and expanding series focused on global issues such as war, oppression, racism, the environment, and the people that are impacted.

CORE New Art Space
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Gallery Hours:
Fri: Noon-9 pm
Thu/Sat: Noon-6 pm
Sun: 1-4 pm


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