New Ceramic Sculptures by Lori Dresner and Paintings by Sarah Van Beckum

Core New Art Space

February 16 - March 5, 2017

  • Opening reception: Thursday February 16 from 6-8 pm
  • In the Annex: University of Denver School of Art and Art History students exhibition
Van Beckum, Blue Abstract

Sarah Van Beckum’s exhibition Visits to the Interior is visceral, leaving the pretty and decorative behind while drawing from a more personal, raw and untaught place. Lori Dresner explores the wonder of nature, consciousness and connectivity in her show Neshama (spirit/soul).

Dresner’s new sculptures express both dynamic energy and peaceful stillness. She notes, “ I use color or the absence of color to be my voice within the materials.” Dresner explains further that her new body of work includes vessel forms fired in wood and Raku kilns. Both are firing methods originally used by the Japanese to make ceremonial tea bowls, “The word Raku means enjoyment, hence I create these forms purely for my enjoyment of form and shape,” Dresner adds. Van Beckum’s new work moves deeper into abstraction with random and energetic strokes of color and mark making. These raw and spontaneous paintings are borne from her desire to leave the decorative or outward appearance behind. Van Beckum explains, “these works seek to discover the essential and the more sacred spaces that lie within.”

Expressionist in style and spirit, and executed with fast energetic brushstrokes, Van Beckum’s paintings are created from the artistic gut and show mental detachment. Some areas are treated to random scratched line drawings and fine detailed sketches, often suggestive of flora. In many of the works, bold shapes with pattern and whimsy swirl about.

In the Annex: The Strangers are Happy Curious experiences

University of Denver BA Portfolio Workshop School of Art and Art History students, Emma Beech, Nick Ward, QU Mingfeng, Hannah Cole, Li Ruoyu, Peter Sang, Marcelo Ramirez Garcia-Rojas, Sammi Lobato, Julian Cannon and Layla Flowers. Opening reception Thursday, February 16, 6-9 pm.

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