Lola Montejo: New Paintings

Core New Art Space

January 2 - 19, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Friday January 3rd from 6-9pm
Lola Montejo

Working intuitively, the artist, Lola Montejo allows the materials to inform the end result. With Expressionist handling; color, line, and shape innately navigate and images evolve from their origins of the natural world to ambiguous forms.

Always drawn to abstract art, she explains, it permits her to express more ideas and emotions. "It is a learning experience. I find the more open I am, the more I learn about myself. The freedom I have in my art reflects the freedom I feel currently in my own life".

Self-titled show LOLA, is the inner working of the artist's recent focus on the power of freedom. It is a glimpse into her spirit, not just for the attentive viewer to see but for the artist herself.

This year Lola Montejo decided to invite some of her students from Foundations Academy Charter School to join her art show. "I want to give my students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting and experience seeing their art up in a gallery. My students inspire me every day, they are the most creative people I know. I am very happy to have them show with me, in my self titled show, because after all they are a large part of my life".

Foundations Academy is a no-cost public charter school in the area. Every student is given the tools for success - in and out of the classroom. With a commitment to hard work, good citizenship, and personal responsibility, students experience a secure learning environment where achievement thrives. For more information go to: FOUNDATIONS-ACADEMY.ORG
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