New Directions: 15 Years Strong

Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery (1487 S. Broadway)

  • Gallery Reception: Saturday November 4, 5 – 8 pm; Live music and a champagne toast and cake-cutting are slated at 7 pm
final mural pr shot
New Directions: 15 Years Strong features the evolving painting styles and themes of the four Brushstrokes owner-artists, Kelly Berger, John K. Harrell, Kit Hevron Mahoney and Anita Mosher. “We’re all pushing beyond perceived boundaries on canvas,” explains Mahoney. “Though we built our reputations on representational art, each of us have long been pursuing new inventive and expressive modalities with paint.”

Rare is the art gallery that thrives long enough to toast it’s 15th Anniversary. Denver’s Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery joins the elite ranks this Fall, marking the occasion with a major show, “New Directions: 15 Years Strong” opening Saturday, November 4 at the South Broadway venue.

Long deemed one of the West’s most respected artist-owned galleries, Harrell, Mahoney and Mosher founded Brushstrokes on Denver’s South Gaylord 15 years ago; they invited Berger to join the group about four years ago. The gallery has been in its burgeoning Antique Row location for five years.

Highlights of each artist’s new work include:
  • Harrell: The elevated figure; pushing his technique to blend traditional and abstracted elements, creating enticing new visual figurative concepts
  • Mahoney: New interpretations of the landscape and floral on canvas, through simplification of shapes and experiments in coloration
  • Mosher: The fusing of color, spontaneity and representation to produce a rich, expressive new body of work
  • Berger: Artistic wanderlust, infusing both domestic and foreign subjects with a continued exploration of dramatic light, perspective and color

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