Jon Furlong: Surveillance

Black Book Gallery

March 11 – April 1, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, March 11th from 7-9pm; Free & Open to the public with the artist in attendance
Jon Furlong: Water Tower Paste Up

This March we welcome photographer Jon Furlong to the gallery for an exhibit of his personal photos featuring international street artists. At an early age Jon gravitated to photography in large part because his father was a videographer. Access to a camera and encouragement to observe life through a lens instilled Jon’s love for photography. Twelve years ago, shortly after high school, Jon landed a job as a photographer at Obey Clothing, a company founded by artist Shepard Fairey. At the time, he had little interest in street art or awareness of Shepard Fairey, he was just happy to have a job. Through a combination of strong work ethic and creative symbiosis he eventually caught Shepard’s eye and was asked to document his 2007 NYC solo show “E Plurbis Venom” and related events. Over the past ten years Jon has been fortunate to travel the world documenting not only Shepard Fairey but many other amazing artists along the way. In the street art community artists often cross paths and collaborate, great opportunities arise to document murals and capture unique moments in time – “Surveillance” will feature photos of 8 artists including Shepard Fairey, D*Face, ROA, Tristan Eaton, Faile, Cyrcle, Cleon Peterson and VHILS.

Black Book Gallery
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