Art & Conflict

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

September 14 – November 12, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, September 14 from 6 – 9pm
  • Exhibition Lecture: Saturday, October 28, 2017 10am – 12pm; Join us for a lecture on the history of art in response to conflict, followed by an informal meet and greet with participating artists
Marti Lawrence Wolf - When Mao was Wallpaper - 2015

Art & Conflict features contemporary artists whose works address conflict and war, and the role art and the artist can play in commemorating or explaining past conflict, or expose and express issues surrounding conflict. This exhibition seeks to utilize the role of art and artists to explore how society can come to understand how and why conflict and wars affect society and humanity in the ways they do.

Also on display:
The Great War: Visions of a World Conflict by Blair-Murrah Exhibitions (Upper and Theatre Galleries)

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