Dark Fang: Deborah Jang and Mark Friday Assemblage

Art Gym Denver

November 9 – December 2, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, November 9, 2017 5-8 pm
  • Q & A with Deborah Jang & Mark Friday: Saturday December 2, from 2-4 pm
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Art Gym Denver is proud to present Deborah Jang and Mark Friday in their largest collaboration to date–an original assemblage that will fill the entire gallery space. Presented as part of Denver Arts Week, the installation piece includes interactive elements that will remain a mystery until the opening.

Art Gym Denver
1460 Leyden St.
Denver, CO 80220


Jang and Friday are partners in life, and both have been working in assemblage for well over 20 years. They each have their own studio and unique methods, and began collaborating occasionally about 10 years ago.

Their studios are mysterious places where objects find new life–folding metal beach chairs transform into wings, antique birdcages become architecture for other-worldly windows, and metal spaghetti strainers become goatees on self-portraits. Friday explains, “Assemblage is a fun challenge to see how to give new life to objects, it’s a collaboration between artist and the manufactured object. You’re giving a tribute to well-crafted objects, giving them life beyond their function.” Jang adds, “There’s all this history and mystery there [in the object], so it’s also a collaboration with time, because a lot of the surfaces are sort of distressed.”

Jang and Friday will also display some of their individual sculptural works on the walls, to compliment the center piece of the exhibition.

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