Pigment, Value, Density: Sue Crosby Doyle and Jean Smith

Anthology Fine Art and Gallery

June 9 – July 29, 2017

  • Gallery Reception: Friday, June 16, 5 – 9 PM
  • Artists Talk/Demo with Sue Crosby Doyle and Katie Hoffman: Saturday, July 8, 3 – 5 PM
(left) Sue Crosby Doyle; (right) Jean Smith

Pigment, Value, Density refers to the way colors are used, from the actual colored powder which is the basis of color (pigment), to the relative darkness or lightness of the color (value), and on to the transparency or opaqueness of that color (density). It represents the study or testing of the hue, lightness, and saturation of the light reflected as we see things; playing with what happens visually when various colors are used together. How do we feel when we see various color combinations? Can we create different feelings by changing the color combinations?

This duo show aims to make the viewer aware of their feelings by the colors in relationship to each other: happiness, sadness, anger, love, and feelings in between. Sue features her monotypes and collages and Jean features her ceramic sculptures.

Anthology Fine Art and Gallery
3419 S. Lincoln Street
Englewood, CO 80113
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