Art of Architecture

Access Gallery

January 5 - 19, 2018

  • Meet the Artist Reception: Friday January 19 from 5-9pm
Art of Architecture
Image by CU-Denver student Luis Navarrete using the Access artists’ interest in dragons as a core concept

With another new year unfolding, thoughts turn to grand plans, big ideas, and changes ahead. Here at Access Gallery we are no different.

Over the past year, we began to really think big. We asked ourselves what if we had an opportunity to rethink the gallery. Part of the magic of Access Gallery is the community fostered by creating a safe and welcoming environment. While our artists come from all across the city, many of them see us as their home away from home. So we decided to imagine a physical community built around our artists– a place they can create, sell, and actually live. Many of our artists come from challenging circumstances. The idea of a home of their own seems nearly impossible.

We believe in the power of art and we believe in the power of well-designed and thought-out space to truly makes the world a better place. For this residency, we partnered with the Denver Architecture Foundation and University of Colorado School of Architecture to ask the question: What could a fully integrated and inclusive Access Gallery look like?

The CU-Denver students came to our home. They met our students. And they asked what a perfect Access Gallery might look like. What is important to you as an artist? We had some very surprising answers. The resulting designs, renderings and models envision a wonderfully integrated and inclusive space. From these early discussions with the ArtWorks artists through their research of this neighborhood and our culture, the architecture students were charged with creating an inspired home for Access Gallery, including an apartment building with available housing for our artists and a majority of the building open to fair market rentals.

This show is intended to bring you through the full concepts from the initial idea phase to the actual working models – and all the steps in between. The work is not in chronological order, but instead intends to highlight the artistic nature behind the work. We love the results of the Art of Architecture and hope you do as well.

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