80 Years–Guernica Revisited

Access Gallery

April 7 - 30, 2017 

  • Opening reception: First Friday, April 7 from 5:30-8:30pm
  • Gallery reception: Third Friday, April 21 from 5:30-8:30pm
Really Javier-Flores
Javier Flores - Really

In the 80 years since Picasso painted his masterpiece Guernica, it has become one of the most recognizable works of art in the world. It is a symbol of resistance and a reminder of injustice in our world. Picasso’s aim was to convey the horrors of war—specifically, the 1937 German bombing of the small Basque village in northern Spain seen as a base for the Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War. Access Gallery at 909 Santa Fe Drive is holding an exhibit honoring the original painting and the symbolic tradition it encompasses, while relating to modern injustices like disability rights, the plight of Syrian refugees and the challenges of deaf artists in the USA.

The exhibit, 80 Years–Guernica Revisited runs April 7-30, 2017 with a reception on First Friday, April 7 and Third Friday April 21 from 5:30-8:30. The show will feature a mural entitled Really modeled on Picasso’s piece, that was created in 2013 with Artist-in-Residence Javier Flores. It was exhibited at the time and will be showcased again, along with other Guernica inspired works by Matt Sesow, Nancy Rourke, Javier Flores, Shazia’Ayn Babul and Josiah Lopez.

Access Gallery/VSA Arts of Colorado
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Matt Sesow is a professional self-taught artist living and painting in Washington, DC since 1994. Known internationally amongst the current stable of living American Outsider and Folk Artists, Sesow has had recent major solo exhibitions in Spain, France, Florida, Colorado, and Massachusetts within the last year. A hallmark to Sesow’s continued success is his “affordable business model” which enables art collectors of every ilk to afford his paintings.

Local artist Nancy Rourke’s work has a centralized focus that makes a theme; resistance, affirmation and liberation art. She creates words, images, colors and all of the construction that show blue tapes, yellow lights, hands, eyes, elephant, horse, strings, cracks, band-aids and so on. She uses primary colors and monochrome for reinforcement. These elements make a big impact to both Deaf and Hearing society. For detailed information about her painting for this exhibit “Second Wave of Milan” visit nancyrourke.com/secondwaveofmilan.htm.

Ever since she could hold a pencil, Shazia’Ayn Babul has loved drawing. Today, as a freshman at Princeton University she is still developing her personal artistic style. She enjoys experimenting with different ways of representing human figures and emotions, and exploring the use of text and texture to convey different moods, actions and perceptions. Having visited and Syria in the past and fallen in love with it, she was heartbroken to hear about the death and destruction in Syria. In November 2015 she completed an homage to Picasso’s Guernica highlighted the plight of the Syrian refugees entitled Sham.

Denver artist Josiah Lopez’s work is a combination of graffiti urban street dialect, illustration and painting. He utilizes and interprets information he gathers through observations from his surroundings. His ideas come from personal experiences, cultural identity and living in the urban setting of modern day society.

Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening doors to creative and educational opportunities for people with disabilities to access and experience the arts. The gallery is located at 909 Santa Fe Drive, in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe and welcomes visitors on Tuesday, 10am-2pm, Wednesday & Thursday, 10am–4:00pm, First Friday, 3-9pm, Third Friday, 3-8pm, Second Saturday, 10am -2pm, and by appointment. For more information call 303-777-0797 or visit www.accessgallery.org.


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