Jean Herman

aBuzz Gallery

July 24 - August 16, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, July 24 from 6-9pm
  • Discussion with the artist: Saturday, August 9 from 3-4pm
  • Closting Reception: Saturday, August 16 from 12–5pm
Jean Herman - Cubist self portrait

Jean Herman combines expert textile collage artistry with an inspired search for meaning by studying people, cultures and their landscapes to portray various traditions and belief systems. Denver-area residents can view her textile collage art collection between July 24 and August 16 at aBuzz Gallery, located at 3340 Walnut Street in Denver’s RiNo Art District. An Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, July 24 from 6-9 pm. An additional reception will be held on First Friday, August 1, from 6-9pm. aBuzz Gallery will also be open Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons during the exhibition run.

ABuzz is an essential part of RiNo’s lively art district. During Herman’s show, the gallery will be open on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. For details, visit Herman, who has developed her own unique style of fiber art that incorporates drawing, painting and stitching on fabric, chose aBuzz because it is opening the Denver market to upcoming artists who use innovative mediums.

To learn more about the exhibit, all are invited to attend a discussion with the artist at aBuzz Gallery on Saturday, August 9 from 3 to 4 p.m. While conducting a tour of her work, Herman will discuss her creative voice, her technique and her development of a piece of artwork, from first idea to final product.

In her pieces, Herman incorporates various media and techniques, including textile art, stitching, drawing, painting, monotypes and collage, to capture ideas, visions and concepts. Herman explains that, “I use fabric, texture, stitching, patterns and color to explore the human form. I have studied the human form and experimented with it artistically, both abstractly and by placing the figure in relationship with other people and various cultures.” In her creative process, Herman uses an air pen to draw figures spontaneously on fabric, which allows her to respond to each figure individually. Once pleased with the drawing, she then begins to build a textile collage that enhances the figures’ story.

About Jean Herman

Jean Herman ( is a Denver-based artist who uses numerous media and techniques to create textured and meaningful contemporary textile collage art. The former CEO of the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau, Herman now dedicates her time to her craft. Through extensive travel and ongoing art education, Herman is inspired to create impressionistic textile artistry that explores relationships between culture, religion, people and geography. Pieces from Herman’s collection are exhibited in galleries, festivals and museums across the nation, and Herman’s work has been recently published in Quilt Life Magazine (June 2014), Quilters Newsletter (February/March 2014), Portfolio 20 (2013), the Contemporary Fiber: Colorado Invitational (2014) and Creative Spaces (2013).

aBuzz Gallery
located in the Dry Ice Factory building
3340 Walnut Street

Denver, CO 80205



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