Content: Artifact

Abecedarian Gallery

September 17 – October 31, 2015 

  • Evening Reception: Friday September 18, 6-8pm (during the ADSF Third Friday Artwalk)
  • Also on view are works by Jonathon Wiley, Vicki Essig and Alicia Bailey
Krista Sharp - Origins

Content: Artifact is an exhibition of contemporary artist books curated by Alicia Bailey and juried by Katherine Crowe. The exhibition features handcrafted book works from artists working in the United States, Argentina, Canada and China. This exhibition celebrates the artists' book form as one that goes beyond acting as a container for information; as an object that holds more than text and/or images arranged in a set sequence of pages.

Juror's remarks: Katherine Crowe, Curator of Special Collections and Archives, University of Denver

"Content:Artifact" celebrates the artists' book form as "artifact"; and the book as material culture object. Many artists' books meet the initial and most superficial definition of "artifact" in that they are made, in whole or in part, by the human hand. However, the meaning of "artifact" can go much deeper. Artifacts can give a sense of the maker's sense of self, of their memory and identity, their joys and their traumas. They can give voice to those whose stories have not yet been heard in ways that works that are just texts cannot. Artifacts fascinate us - they have what the poet and visual artist Susan Howe has called "a bodily trace." Artifacts bridge the present and the past, creating a tangible connection between us and the people who created them. The artists featured in this exhibit have truly expanded how the concept of "artifact" can be applied to the book in art form. Some have created artifacts that tell fictitious narratives, others have commented on the book form itself being viewed as a "relic," and some have beautifully incorporated deeply personal artifacts from their own pasts into their work.

Content: Artifact includes work by the following artists: Ana Paula Cordeiro, Anita Gangi Balkun, Barbara Milman, Barbara Strigel, Betsy Stirratt, Bill Westheimer, Carole P. Kunstadt, Casey Gardner, Charissa Schulze, Christina Amato, Christine Martell, Dasha Ziborova, Emma Sovich, Gail Smuda, Georgia Greeley and Sue Bjerke, Heather Doyle Maier, Julie Leonard, Karen Chew, Katherine Venturelli, Krista Sharp, Leighton McWilliams, Leilei Guo, Leslie Waygren, Lisa Miles, Macy Chadwick, Mado Reznik, Pamela Olson, Peggy Johnston, R D Burton, Renée Owen, Rhiannon Alpers, Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Sue Carrie Drummond, Susan Brown, Susan Edwards, Suze Woolf, Teresa Pankratz, Timothy Laurin and the Virginia Arts of the Book Center.

An online catalog of the Content:Artifact exhibit is available for viewing here:

Abecedarian Gallery
910 Santa Fe, Unit #101 (just south of Swift's diner)
Denver, CO 80204
Thu-Fri: 1:00-6:00 pm
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