PINK PALACE: An Homage to Casa Bonita

Next Gallery

February 23 - March 11, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 23rd from 6-10pm
  • Juror: Andrew Novick

In honor of our new neighbor, Next Gallery is pleased to present PINK PALACE - an homage to Casa Bonita. This show, juried by Casa Bonita Aficionado, Andrew Novick, features art inspired by this legendary establishment. Think: cliff divers, puppets, gorillas, caves, towers, clowns, and more. The opening fiesta will be a celebration of Casa Bonita history, food, music and art. The evening will include an awards presentation for the winning artists.

About the Juror: Andrew Novick

Andrew Novick is a Denver Native who has been going to Casa Bonita for all of his life -- over 280 times! He was featured on an episode of World’s Weirdest Restaurants at Casa Bonita, wore the Chiquita Gorilla suit in a SPELLS music video and hosted an episode of Street Level on PBS channel CPT12 about Colfax and Casa Bonita. Andrew also worked with the MCA’s Teen Failure Lab to set the record of World’s Largest Sopapilla Sculpture which, of course, was a scale model of Casa Bonita!

Next Gallery is an exciting Denver co-op that accepts new members on a monthly basis. This co-op is driven and operated by all the artist members. We are all strong and committed artists that continually push all the artists in this co-op to move in new directions and participate as a cohesive group at all times.

NEXT Gallery
6851 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80214
Fri: 5-10pm; Sat/Sun 12-5pm


Sarah Bowling and Mario Zoots: Point of Friction

Curated by Mark Fitzsimmons


February 16 - March 31, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 16 at 6pm
Pictured above: Mario Zoots Substrate 1, Substrate 2 c. 2018, Sarah Bowling Swing Set (no swing or slide) c. 2017

DATELINE is pleased to present its fourth anniversary exhibition Sarah Bowling and Mario Zoots: Point of Friction, curated by Mark Fitzsimmons.

When two opposing ideas meet there can be violent tectonic shifts, glancing blows, compassionate words or a loving embrace. Friction can push a conversation; it has the power to destroy or create. In searching for these points, Zoots and Bowling search through a collection of amorous notions, mutually held, using separate experiences and perspectives. Point of Friction questions how we project our intimate desires onto our partners, strangers and friends. What does it mean to be in a loving relationship? Can art give us a handful of personal, sometimes diverging, answers to these questions?

Sarah Bowling’s work explores the constructs of desire: the expectations of sexuality and the junctures of intimacy and vulnerability within relationships and the self. Examining the dangers and pleasures of physical intimacy, Bowling creates provoking bodies to be leered at. Using her own body as the material foundation and an art object in itself, her work invites you in to be playfully scolded. Working with industrial materials such as concrete and wood, often embellished with the seductiveness of vinyl and chiffon, the question of binary gender roles is pushed to the fore. Materiality is as much a focal point as the bubbly facade of her work. When confronted with Bowling’s body of work the audience is urged to find the line, or point, between consent and compliance in visual communication.

Mario Zoots conducts a study into black: using various gradients of light as a symbol for the unknown or unseen, the work both absorbs and excels. Zoots’ use of a variety of materials and modes includes a spray-painted canvas wearing a garter made of rope and by referencing Rauschenberg. In his combinations and assemblages, the artist uses this method of recapitulation as an entrance into a discussion on materials, baseness and the interactions between both. This iconography is a tool to distance himself from staggering emotion. As a collage artist, Zoots examined unfamiliar methods of working, focusing on layering textures and material interactions. In this way each work became an experiment. Representing the ambiguous and ephemeral pleasures of these relationships, the series gives viewers hidden moments to enjoy.

Sarah Bowling (b. 1993) lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Bowling received her BFA in Painting and Sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows across the country, including Aggregate Space, Oakland, CA, Sullivan Gallery, and Archer Beach Haus and RULE gallery. In 2017 she was selected to attend the ACRE Residency in Steuben, Wisconsin. Her work is in several private collections across the country. Sarah Bowling appears at Dateline courtesy of RULE Gallery.

Mario Zoots (b.1981) lives and works in Denver, Colorado and is a current resident at RedLine. He received his Masters of Art from the University of Denver in 2015. In August of 2013, he participated in the Biennial of the Americas, creating his unique brand of collage which was exhibited publicly on a billboard on a major street in Denver, CO. Zoots’ work has been exhibited internationally since 2010 when he created a site specific installation at the Museum of Image + Sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Additionally his work has appeared on streets and galleries alike in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Amsterdam and Mexico City. In the summer of 2017 he did a series of interventions in abandoned buildings throughout Chiapas in Southern Mexico and Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Mario Zoots appears at Dateline courtesy of K Contemporary.

DATELINE (est. 2014) Reaching four years is a huge milestone for an art gallery and as such we invite you to join us for our Artist reception and anniversary party for light fare and libations on Friday February 16th, 2018 from 6-11pm. Both artists will be present and would love to share more of their thoughts and process with all of you. Thank you for being supportive of DATELINE for all these years! Here’s to four more!

3004 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
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Instagram: @ddaatteelliinnee


Winter Mix: A Group Show

Mai Wyn Fine Art

February 16 - March 11, 2018

  • Opening reception: Friday, February 16th, 5-9pm during the Art District on Santa Fe's 3rd Friday Collector's Preview
Nica's Dream by Tommy White

Winter Mix is an eclectic group show featuring signature works by gallery artists Amelia Caruso, Rian Kerrane, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, Charles Parson, Mai Wyn Schantz, Sharon Strasburg and Tommy White.

Mai Wyn Fine Art
744 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204


Jeanette Chinelli: Arms Backs Legs & Seats

Terrilynn Moore: Working From the Guff

Core Gallery

February 15 - March 3, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 16 from 6-9 pm
Coffee Stain withInfoJeanette Chinelli's new body of work moves from quiet, understated restrained imagery to explosive, dynamic compositions. From dense interplay of pattern, vivid color and wallpaper motifs they become the backdrop for the subjects in Chinelli's art where the chair is the stand in for the human form. Chinelli is currently attending the University of Denver working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Terrilynn Moore upcoming exhibition at Edge will feature organic, soul-searching compositions, "Working from the Guff", where she draws from the ancient spiritual meaning of the word "Guf" or "Guph" as that creative, amorphous space inside each of us where art begins; that place where souls are quickened into being.

CORE New Art Space
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Gallery Hours:
Fri: Noon-9 pm
Thu/Sat: Noon-6 pm
Sun: 1-4 pm


Naturally Artificial: Works by Jason DeMarte

Denver Botanic Gardens, Gates Court Gallery

February 21 – May 20, 2018

  • Reception: Wednesday, February 21, 5:30–7:30 p.m.; Artist Talk: 6:30 p.m.
  • Exhibit organized in collaboration with RULE Gallery, Denver
demarte corn syrup summer detailJason DeMarte, Corn Syrup Summer (detail), pigment ink print, 2015

Jason DeMarte’s large-scale digital photographs juxtapose idyllic natural landscapes with the visual gluttony of consumerism.

Representing the natural world through unnatural elements, his works combine images of plants and animals with discordant artificial elements and processed foods. The synthetic world his creatures inhabit combines romanticized depictions of nature with the hyper-perfection of modern consumerist imagery. DeMarte’s works explore the manipulation of truth in today’s processed culture.

Denver Botanic Gardens
1007 York St
Denver, CO 80206


Of Manhole Covers and Maple Trees

Printmaking utilizing manhole covers by Artworks artists

Access Gallery

February 16 - March 16, 2018

We’re celebrating Mo’Print– aka the Month of Printmaking! With many of our fellow Denver galleries, we are showcasing unique, original prints to inspire, educate and promote just how varied printmaking is in our community. And more importantly, just how accessible printmaking can be for people of all abilities and mobilities.

This show is the culmination of our winter residency program exploring the wide variety of printmaking techniques including reduction, collagraph, and monotype. Pulling inspirations from the beautifully unique manhole covers in cities such as Tokyo and New York as well as creators like Bay area artist Bryan Nash Gill, we focused our final pieces on the patterns and shapes found in some commonly recurring materials– wood and steel. From the earliest Japanese woodblock prints to the letterpress machines that introduced mass printing, wood and steel have always played a central role in printmaking.

Per usual, Access Gallery is taking this idea in a different direction. Our steel comes from everyday objects that we have found in our immediate surroundings. Our wood comes from the allies and scrap piles in our neighborhood. Let’s take what is common and see it through a new lens.

This residency was led by longtime teaching artists and Access Gallery friends – Javier Flores, Doug Foulke, Shari Garzonetti and Rebecca Petty.

Access Gallery/VSA Arts of Colorado
909 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Every Dog Has Its Day: 2018 Chinese New Year Invitational

Valkarie Gallery

February 14 - March 11, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 16, 6 - 9:30pm
main dog show invite walk
Art by Kaitlin Ziesmer, Dorothy DePaulo, Kayla Edgar, Dorothy DePaulo, Danyl Cook & Josh Davy

Please join us for our third annual Chinese New Year Invitational in celebrating the Year of the Dog!

With over 50 artists each creating a piece on an 8"x8" panel based on the year of the dog, this is our most popular show so make sure not to miss it! Featuring: Valerie Savarie, John Van Horn, Aria Fawn, Willow Le Franc, Anna Charney, Karrie York, Penny Oliver, Kathryn Petroff, Clay Brooks, Colleen Tully, Jill Mustoffa, Lisa Luree, Katie Hoffman, Josh Davy, Claudia Roulier, Danyl Cook, Tony Steck, Dorothy DePaulo, Nicole Grosjean, Sharon Eisley, Victor Escobedo, Miki Harder, Matt Doubeck, Zachary Reece, Moeh Haywood, Hallie Packard, Markham Maes, Tom Sarmo, David Perea, Kailin Ziesmer, Rob Jordan, Kayla Edgar, Ray Munoz, Ryan Morris, Robert Newman, Anthony Garcia Sr, Cody Kuehl, Marcus Garcia, Naomi Wiener, Anthony Salazar, Dusty Ray, Aleo, Cayce Goldberg, Elena Gunderson, Jane Falkenberg, Fly Okay, Janelle Anderson, Justin Cabezadevaca, Jordan Lyn, Betsy Rudolph, Erin Hagle, Debra Williams, Maxime LeFranc and Myah Bailey.

Valkarie Gallery
445 S Saulsbury St
Denver, CO 80226
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A Retrospective of Doug Dawson

Art Students League of Denver

February 16 - March 24, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 16 from 5:30-8pm
  • Artist Talk: Friday, March 9 from 6 - 8pm
  • Private artist talk accompanied by a live demonstration with Doug Dawson: Friday, March 9 from 6-8pm; Tickets for this event are available for $10 on
asld Snow on 16th St
Doug Dawson - Snow on 16th St

The Art Students League of Denver (ASLD) presents “A Retrospective of Doug Dawson,” an exclusive exhibition of Dawson’s local and international works over the past three decades. Honoring Dawson as an ASLD founder and the longest standing faculty member, the exhibition will be open to the public in the ASLD building from February 16 through March 24.

Dawson’s work will be available for purchase during the exhibition.

Awarded Master Pastelist in 1985, Doug Dawson is recognized for his urban twilight and landscape scenes. His paintings reflect everything from European urban street life to ski villages in Colorado. Dawson, who has exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally, has been an instructor at ASLD for 30 years, encouraging students to explore shape, line and value.

Art Students League of Denver
200 Grant Street
Denver, Colorado 80203
Mon-Thu: 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Open (student) Show

Edge Gallery

February 2 - 25, 2018

  • Edgy Award Winner: Livy Onalee, for high quality work that pushes the boundaries of medium and/or subject matter
StudentOpenShow February2018

Edge Gallery
7001 W. Colfax
Lakewood, CO
Thu: 1-5pm, Fri: 1-9pm, Sat:12-5pm


Nathan Abels: History of the Future

Guest curated by Mandy Vink


February 1 - May 28, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 1
  • 5:30pm members preview; 6:30-9pm free public reception
Nathan Abels, Omne Ignotum Pro Magnifico (every unknown thing appears magnificent), 2017

History of the Future by Nathan Abels embeds contemporary technologies and icons into scenes from a perspective of faith, ritual and religion. These works ask the viewer to assume the role of anthropologist - to decipher the significance of the narrative: what is the significance of the natural world and its characters, any spiritual and religious aspects, and ultimately how these correspond with the celestial?

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302


10X: 10th Anniversary Retrospective Resident Artists Exhibition

A Retrospective & Celebration One Decade in the Making

RedLine Contemporary Art Center

February 2 – April 1, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday February 2 from 6 – 10pm
  • Curated by Cortney Lane Stell, Chief Curator + Executive Director of Black Cube
RedLine presents 10X, a yearlong program that includes the 10X 10th Anniversary Retrospective Resident Artist exhibition and special events, educational programming, and talks that honors and appreciates all the relationships that have circulated through RedLine’s mission and continues to be nurtured today.

The 10X program will launch on February 2 at 6PM with an exhibition celebrating ten years of RedLine's Artist-in-Residency program (also titled 10X). Louise Martorano, RedLine’s Executive Director, has invited back Cortney Lane Stell, Chief Curator + Executive Director of Black Cube to curate the entire 29,000 sq. ft. building of RedLine (inside and out) with over 86 artists. RedLine has invited every artists that has participated in the Artist-in-Residence program to participate in our 10th anniversary launch exhibition.

Participating Artists: Alexi High, Alicia Ordal, Alvin Gregorio, Amber Cobb, Andrew Huffman, Andy Rising, Ashley Frazier, Ashley Eliza Williams, Beau Carey, Becky Wareing Steele, Bob Koons, Bruce Price, Bryan Leister, Chinn Wang, Clark Richert, Clay Hawkley, Collin Parson, Conor King, Daisy Patton, Derrick Velasquez, Dmitri Obergfell, Donald Fodness, Dustin Young, dylan scholinki, Ella Maria Ray, Esther Hernandez, Frankie Toan, George Perez, Gretchen Marie Schaefer, Homare Ikeda, Ian Fisher, Jaime Carrejo, Jeff Page, Jennifer Ghormley, Jennifer Miller, Jodi Stuart, Joel Swanson, John Lake, John McEnroe, Jonathan Saiz, Justin Beard, Kate Speer, Katie Caron, Kelton Osborn, Kenzie Sitterud, Lanny DeVuono, Laura Merage (Founder), Laura Shill, Libby Barbee, Linda Campbell, Margaret Neumann, MacKenzie Browning, Mario Zoots, Mark Sink, Megan Gafford, Molly Bounds, Nikki Pike, Ramón Bonilla, Rebecca Vaughan, Sammy Lee, Sandra Fettingis, Sarah Fukami, Sarah Rockett, Sarah Wallace Scott, Stephanie Kantor, Stephen Batura, Suchitra Mattai, Terry Campbell, Theresa Anderson, Theresa Clowes, Thomas Evans, Virginia Folkestad, Viviane Le Courtois, Zach Reini

RedLine Contemporary Art Center
2350 Arapahoe St.
Denver, CO 80205
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
Sat/Sun: 11am-5pm


Read more: Redline: 10X:10th Anniversary Retrospective

Kevin Sloan: The Wanderer’s Garden

In the Project Space: Melissa Furness: herstory paintings

K Contemporary

February 3 - 24, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Saturday February 3 from 6-10pm
Sloan Path of Totality acrylicKevin Sloan - Path of Totality

"Manly Moss 3 - Oath After David", 23x19, Oil on Canvas,natural sheet moss and acrylic

“The Wanderer’s Garden” will feature paintings by Denver artist Kevin Sloan, thoughtfully contemplating the sometimes fanciful, often uneasy, and always intriguing relationship between unconsciously sublime Nature and the calculated contrivances of Man.

“This group of paintings brings together two enduring themes in my work,” explains Sloan, whose extraordinary works are sought by public and private galleries and collectors across the country and the world. “Metaphorically, a garden is a very specific place or state on mind which affords permanence, growth and creates abundance. The wanderer is the opposite, a concept which is defined by searching, impermanence, uncertainty, risk, loss and resilience.” In that fertile field of contrasts, Sloan plants a seed of the synthetic into each green bower, an artifact so familiar as to be unremarkable, but in that improbable context pointedly disturbs our logical expectations. A term often applied to Sloan’s work is “allegorical realism”.

“An equally useful term would be metaphorical realism,” he suggests. “My work has a strong narrative component, and it’s realist in the sense that I mostly depict objects and environments we understand. The allegory and metaphor come to play when I insert something out of context as a stand-in for a larger concept without depicting it literally.

Kevin Sloan received a BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art and his MFA in Painting in 1984 from the University of Arizona. His work is found in numerous private and public collections worldwide including the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida and the Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona.

K Contemporary
1412 Wazee St
Denver, CO 80202


Read more: K Contemporary: Kevin Sloan and Melissa Furness

Cleon Peterson: Shadow of Men

Diego Rodriguez-Warner: Honestly Lying

Arthur Jafa: Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

February 2 - May 13, 2018 (Cleon Peterson until May 27)

Cleon Peterson, Victory, 2017. Acrylic on Canvas, 128 x 84 inches. Courtesy the artist & Over the Influence.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
1485 Delgany
Denver, CO 80202


Pachucos y Sirenas

Museo de las Americas

February 8 – May 26, 2018

  • Opening reception: Thursday, February 8 from 6-9 pm
  • Artist talk: Friday, February 9 from 6-8 pm
Pachucos y Sirenas explores the roles that fashion plays in developing a cultural Identity in major urban settings. The exhibition will feature old school and new school artists that share an affinity with the Pachuco legacy. Artists such as Justin Favela, Antonia Fernandez, Carlos Fresquez, Josiah Lopez, Jerry Vigil, and Daniel Salazar will highlight the impact that the 1940’s Pachuco legacy had on the American experience. Exhibition programming will include contributing fashion designers Cha Cha Romero and Alexandra Peralta, Suavecito Car Club, and artist Alfredo Cardenas.

Museo de las Americas
861 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Read more: Museo: Pachucos y Sirenas

Leon set to re-launch as non-profit arts organization in February with Eriko Tsogo’s Wrong Women: Myths From Sky

February 17 - March 31, 2018

ErikoTsogoEriko Tsogo at Pirate, circa 2013 - photo by Ken Hamel/

Leon eagerly announces the re-launch of its innovative artistic programming within the structure of a 501 (c) (3) arts organization, with an exhibition of Eriko Tsogo’s stunningly beautiful and psychologically disturbing drawings, collages, prints, and monotypes.

Eriko Tsogo is the last of the fast vanishing nomadic Mongol ethnicity. She was born and raised in the heart of the vast steppes and luminous mountains of Mongolia. She grew up in societies of parallel dysfunction between that of Mongolia and Budapest, Hungary during the Socialist regime; an oppressive period when strong cultural censorship and Communist idealism shaped her adolescent mind.

Her most prominent migratory experience came 19 years ago when she emigrated to the United States with her family from Mongolia. Her identity as a first generation Mongolian American migrant allows a life of duality where opposing values and norms of Eastern and Western spiritual and social traditions constantly clash and fuse – creating a marginal periphery of absent power origin. Her ever-revolving dual identity as a first generation Mongolian American nomadic voyeur profoundly shapes her artistic process. She is interested in expressing the embattled emotional middle space of the marginal human devoid of identity.

Scheduled events include:
  • Opening Reception w/ music performance by Entrancer - Saturday, February 17th, 2018, 7pm-11pm
  • Artis Talk and Book Signing - Saturday, March 10th, 2018, 2pm-4pm
  • Artist Workshop/Month of Printmaking Studio Tour - Saturday, March 24th, 2018, 10am-4pm
  • Closing Party w/ music by Voight and live Performance Piece - Saturday, March 31st, 2018 7pm-11pm
The opening reception, sponsored by the Mongolian Culture & Heritage Center of Colorado and Bd’s Mongolian Grill, will feature drawings, collages, prints, and monotypes, in which Tsogo seeks to explore the conflicting psycho-spiritual, cultural and disjointed effects/emotional middle space of globalization on marginalized identities, with attention to women’s issues; one who perpetually lives simultaneously in war and peace within two worlds, and more or less a stranger in both. Her work is about history and tradition, identity censorship, mythology, folklore, dreams, spirituality, death, and nature set in contemplative scenarios that transform into symbolic allegories for socio-political issues. All the proceeds from the exhibition will go to benefit her “Untitled Mongolian Documentary Film Project Fund.” Closing party will be sponsored by City O’ City, and will feature a special live performance piece.

Eriko Tsogo is a Mongolian American visual artist and filmmaker born on the steppes of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Eriko grew up in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of 8. She is an alumni of Denver School of the Arts, having attained her B.F.A (2012) from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University. She currently lives and works between the paradigm spheres of Colorado, California and mindscape Mongolia.

1112 17th St
Denver, CO 80202


Eva Bovenzi: Timelines and Chalcedonies

Michael Warren Contemporary

January 16 – March 3, 2018

  • First Friday Art Walks, February 2 & March 2 (6-9pm)
  • Third Friday Art Reception, February 16 (6-8pm)
“Chalcedony #1” by Eva Bovenzi

Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC) is pleased to present “Eva Bovenzi: Timelines and Chalcedonies.” This show will run concurrently with a group exhibit throughout the remaining presentation areas of the gallery.

In 2016, Eva Bovenzi was awarded an NEA fellowship at the Pt. Reyes National Seashore that brought artists and writers together for a residency on the theme of climate change. While there, Bovenzi began thinking about cycles of time: cosmic, geologic, biologic and human. As she collected stones on her hikes along the coast, she realized that they were literal time capsules, revealing both how they were formed and also what had happened to them over time. Bovenzi based the forms of the collages she made at Pt. Reyes on stones and imbedded each with a horizontal “timeline” which is a reference to her own mark in the cycles of time. Works from 2017, called “Chalcedonies”, are also on exhibition. Although not specifically referencing Pt. Reyes National Seashore, they are also based on the shapes and structures of stones.

Eva Bovenzi lives and works in El Cerrito and spends her summers in southern Colorado. Bovenzi achieved her MFA at California College of the Arts and has exhibited extensively in California, Colorado and throughout the Western United States.

Michael Warren Contemporary
760 Santa Fe Drive
Denver CO 80204


Mattilta's Patchwork Enchanted Forest

Kanon Collective

February 2 - 28, 2018

  • Opening Reception: First Friday, February 2, 5-10:00 pm
  • Artists' Reception: Third Friday, February 16, 5-9:00 pm
Please join us for a chance to explore the very first magical forrest -- as envisioned by Matt Graff with guest artist Sam Carstens -- in this whimsical installation of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, post fateful bite. Utilizing fabric, ceramics, and light, they have created an immersive Genesis for you to enjoy and explore.

If you've never seen one of Matt Graff's installation pieces, we promise you won't be disappointed -- they are truly magical.

Kanon Collective is an artist-owned and operated gallery located in the heart of Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe, featuring the work of a dynamic group of local artists.

Kanon Collective
766 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Meditations in Color

1801 California St Lobby Gallery (in downtown Denver)

February 8 – April 6, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 8 from 4:30-7pm
AmyCheng We SpinAWorld oil canvas 48x72 MEDITATIONS 1801C
Amy Cheng - We Spin A World - oil on canvas - 48x72"

Meditations in Color at 1801 California in downtown Denver features large paintings by Richard Carter of Aspen and Amy Cheng of New Paltz, NY that are distinct in their overall visual presentation but similar in their use of geometric and repetitive shapes, heightened color, and an association to the meditative qualities of the ancient form of the ‘mandala.’ Amy Cheng’s jewel-colored paintings are luxurious, intricate, and geometric with a use of patterns and repetition that references floral ornamentation and cosmology. Richard Carter’s works incorporate intense color and invoke geometry, science and meditations while zeroing in on the idea of a central focus, the circle, and a disrupted border.


Utility: Porcelain Ceramics by Paul Donnelly

Plinth Gallery

February 2 - March 31, 2018

  • Opening Reception: First Friday February 2nd from 6 to 9pm
"Utility", our first exhibition for 2018, features the porcelain ceramic work by artist Paul Donnelly. Donnelly maintains a studio practice in Kansas City, MO, where he is currently an Associate Professor of Ceramics at the Kansas City Art Institute. The artist received his BFA from Edinboro University and his MFA from the Alfred University. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and his work has been published in numerous books and periodicals.

Donnelly concentrates on making useable ceramics and his work is inspired by both architectural and natural settings. He uses the inherent beauty of ceramic materials as a means to draw comparisons to these ideas without replicating them directly or realistically. He regards his functional pottery as being, "created as systems to coordinate how the object operates by itself or within a larger arrangement of components. Investigation into design and function is a really important aspect of my practice," and the pieces are made for a specific function or a particular purpose. He uses a variety of forming techniques including throwing on the potter's wheel, hand-building, and slip-casting along with 3d modeling, and he often combines these forming methods within the same piece to " blur the concepts and associations to individuality and mass production." Donnelly understands that both display of, and use of an object, will impart meaning that may change during the user's relationship with the work. "The objects we interact with on a daily basis can conjure experiences in our lives, often becoming an article of sentiment."

Plinth Gallery Curator Jonathan Kaplan elaborates that, "Donnelly's ceramics are design based. While making multiples of objects, each and every piece is different, unique, and highly individual. The strength of Donnellys' pieces is a conscientious understanding of design and use, and of its intimate association with humanity.

Plinth Gallery
3520 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216


The Valentine Un-Valentine Show

Zip 37 Gallery

February 2 - 18, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday February 2nd from 6-9pm
  • Featuring work by gallery artists
Valentine zipZip 37
3644 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Fri: 5:00 - 10:00 PM
Sat/Sun: Noon - 6:00 PM


Mask(ed): an invitational exhibition curated by Kathleen Sherman

Art Gym Denver

February 1 – 24, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 1, from 5-8 pm
  • Exhibiting artists: Kathleen Sherman (curator), Daniel Crosier, Cal Duran, David Ocelotl Garcia, Phil Eastwood, Adolfo Romero, Wayne Salge, Karole Sharpe and Tracy and Adam Teitelbaum
Mask(ed) sheds light on masks of all forms–from the sculptural forms artists create, to the invisible masks we wear as part of being human. “The show explores the ideas and metaphor masks embody by presenting a range of works from a variety of artists,” says curator and sculptor Kathleen Sherman, who invited nine artists to present works. The opening reception of Mask(ed) – an invitational exhibition curated by Kathleen Sherman will be on February 1, 2018 from 5- 8 pm at Art Gym, where most of the artists will be present. The reception includes a masked performance piece, and opportunities for viewers to engage with masks themselves.

Art Gym Denver
1460 Leyden St.
Denver, CO 80220


Dawn Cohen: Denver Captured in Plein Air

m. Romero Gallery

February 2 - March 18, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 2 from 5 - 10pm
Dawn Cohen, City Park Lake View, 2017. Oil on canvas; 30x24in.

Dawn Cohen: Denver Captured in Plein Air will be the first solo artist exhibition at m. Romero Gallery, which was opened by Aspen-based artist Michael Romero, in January of 2018 in the RiNo Arts District. The featured artist Dawn Cohen, who works out of Denver and Crested Butte, has devoted the study of her craft to the plein air painting technique, which requires the artist to paint an outdoor scene over the course of several days, or even weeks, culminating in a completed work that captures the subtle evolutions of the scene that occurred over that time period. The core of Cohen’s featured works in the exhibition, which average 30 by 40 inches in size, were completed in Denver proper neighborhoods, and show iconic Denver landmarks like East High School, Cherry Creek Reservoir, and the historic painted lady homes in the Five Points residential area.

m. Romero Gallery
3006 B. Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205 


Spark Invitational: "Sidekicks"

Spark Gallery

February 8 - March 4, 2018

  • Opening Reception:: Friday, February 9, 6-9pm
When SPARK artists invite other artists to exhibit side-by-side, sparks fly! Each pairing fills a scant 30 inch space, and the dynamic combination show the range of media and varied points of view that characterizes this vital gallery.

Participating Artists:

Barbara Baer | M.A. Guthrie
Alicia Bailey | Laura Wait
Bill Ballas | Robert Doi
Mark Brasuell | Andrea Kurchan Eppinger
Lydia Brokaw | Lisa Michot
Deborah Bryon | Bruce Wilcox Barbara Carpenter | Nancy Myer
Joyce Coco | Phyllis Stone
Madeline Dodge | Candace Shepherd
Sally Elliott | Paul Gillis
Leo Franco | Erik C. Johnson
Keith Howard | Virginia Folkestad
Michaele Keyes | Rachel Govert
Mary Mackey | Homare Ikeda
Gary Manuel | Andy Libertone
Tom Mazzullo | Lauren Amalia Redding
Janice McDonald | Jim Leggitt
Kathryn Oberdorfer | Barbara O'Connell
Jennifer Parisi | Laura Brodie
Elaine Ricklin | Liz Relin
Susan Rubin | Phil Bender
Annalee Schorr | Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn
Sue Simon | Pat Aaron
Robert St. John | Sabrina Yagman
Rob Watt | Betsy Rudolph

Spark Gallery
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu-Sat: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
First Friday and Openings 6:00 to 9:00 PM


Arc Mystique: New Works from Katy Zimmerman


February 2 - 28, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday February 2nd at 7pm

Oh hello earthlings! It's 2018 now (did you hear??) and we're kicking it off with an off-world visit to the arcane archway dimension. Join our guide, Katy Zimmerman, as she illuminates the immaterial and intangible, the mystical and mysterious, with effortless elegance (and Ratio Beerworks will be there to help us along too! :D)

Katy is an artist endlessly exploring the vastness and complexity of the universe through many mediums. Mysticism, science, and nature weave together organically through her work, featuring rainbows and arcs as a major part of her personal visual lexicon.

Lowbrow is ecstatic to be playing host to such a special show with a reception at 7pm on February 2nd. Join us for delicious beverages courtesy of Ratio Beerworks, high fives courtesy of us, and all the otherworldly sights your peepers can handle. We can't wait to explore new realms with you!

38 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203


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