Local, Regional and Select National/International Exhibits

Zip 37: Alane Holsteen: Passage

Alane Holsteen: Passage

October 28 - November 13, 2016

A Collaborative Installation with American History

  • Opening Reception: Friday October 28th from 5-10pm

Zip 37
3644 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Thu: 5-8pm; Fri: 6-10pm
Sat/Sun: Noon-5pm


Sally Centigrade: Crimson and Cobalt

Crimson and Cobalt: Group show featuring the colors red and blue

Sally Centigrade Art Gallery

October 20 - November 26, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Thursday October 20th, 5-9:30pm
Sally Centigrade Art Gallery
1423 Larimer St. (Downstairs Walkway, Suite 080)
Denver, CO 80202


Core: Kim Putnam and Gina Caswell; Dorothy Adams

Member show with Kim Putnam and Gina Caswell

Dorothy Adams: America the Beautiful: 40 Paintings of our National Parks

Core New Art Space

October 20 - November 6, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 21, 6-9pm
  • 1st Friday: November 4, 6-9pm
  • Closing Reception: Sunday, November 6, 1-4pm
core.twinsThe Twins, Kim Putnam

Objects of Desire by Kim Putnam and Family History by Gina Caswell are the titles of these two dynamically different and emotionally charged shows taking place in the main gallery at Core New Art Space. Putnam’s is an examination of western culture’s dehumanization of the female breast via the male gaze, while in contrast, Caswell’s records and documents the changing lives in her nuclear family.

In the Annex: Dorothy Adams' “America the Beautiful” our national parks in 40 paintings

Dorothy Adams Artist’s Statement:

“Our National Parks feature some of our planet's most amazing natural beauty. I have yearned for years to experience as many as possible. My journeys have taken me to almost all 50 states, marveling at soaring mountains, winding streams, rivers, wondrous waterfalls, and incredible skies. Art helps me to stay in touch with nature, and inspires my passion for the outdoors.”

Dorothy Adams has been painting for more than 60 years. Her work has been shown in galleries in the Rocky Mountain West and the Gulf Coast. Former owner/manager of Littleton’s Upstairs Artists studio co-op, Dorothy has been working on this body of work for the past four years. See more at http://www.dorothyadams.com
CORE New Art Space
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Gallery Hours:
Fri: Noon-9 pm
Thu/Sat: Noon-6 pm
Sun: 1-4 pm


Sync: Phyllis Rider and Lydia Riegle

A Sense of Place: by Phyllis Rider and Lydia Riegle

Sync Gallery

October 20 - November 12, 2016

  • Third Friday artists’ reception: October 21st from 6-9pm
  • First Friday Art Walk: November 4th from 6-9pm
L Riegle
 Riegle: "Milford Sound, New Zealand" Oil on Canvas, 40"x30"

A Sense of Place describes new works by Phyllis Rider and Lydia Riegle as it relates to travel, to Place, to memory, and to the wonder of multi-sensory experience. There is often intertwined power and mystery in a sense of place. With this show, the viewer is invited to enter into these highly personal remembered images of the artists to experience often difficult to describe emotions related to Place.

Sync Gallery
931 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu: 1-4pm
First & Third Fridays: 6- 9pm
Sat 12-4pm



Read more: Sync: Phyllis Rider and Lydia Riegle

Access: Josiah Lopez & Jay Marvin

Double Trouble: Josiah Lopez & Jay Marvin

Access Gallery

October 21 - November 12, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 21st from 4-8pm

Access Gallery/VSA Arts of Colorado
909 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Central Park Boulder: Jon Geiger's Roam

Jon Geiger: ROAM

Boulder’s Central Park (across from BMOCA)

October 18, 2016 - February 28, 2017

  • ROAM has moved to exhibition site #3, Boulder’s Central Park - across from the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Presented in partnership with the City of Boulder's Office of Arts and Culture

ROAM, an abstracted, neon tumbleweed sculpture by Jon Geiger, a Detroit-based artist and 2016 Black Cube Fellow, has now been installed at its third location in Boulder. The exhibition has been rolling across Colorado since June. The sculpture, commissioned by Black Cube, is a 26-foot animated tumbleweed consisting of five neon tumbleweed structures each illuminated individually to create a rolling movement of light. ROAM combines three western icons – the tumbleweed, billboard frame, and neon sign. In each unique location, whether it be a suburban concert venue, local art school, or a city park, its changing surroundings create new contexts.

In this work, Geiger takes cues from the iconography of the West to construct a tumbling light sculpture. The 26-foot abstracted, animated, white neon tumbleweed consists of five neon tumbleweed structures each illuminated individually to create a rolling movement of light. For Geiger, both the billboard shape and tumbleweed forms are iconic to the American West.


David B. Smith: Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell: The Ghost of Mechanical Reproduction

David B. Smith Gallery

October 14 - November 19, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14, 2016, 6-8pm
  • Free and open to the public / Artist in Attendance
  • In the project space: Bobbi Woods: Educated Guess
Mountain-IChristopher Russel - Mountain I

David B. Smith Gallery is proud to present Christopher Russell’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, The Ghost of Mechanical Reproduction. In his newest exhibition, Russell continues to capture and manipulate ghostly representations of quotidian landscapes. With mountains and flowers as his subjects, Russell uses traditional methods of photography, but obscures the plane with gossamer layers of colored veils, providing viewers with an otherworldly vision awash in soft color. However, this romantic impression is disrupted by the intricate, but inherently violent, scrapes and scratches introduced to the surface of the photograph leaving lacelike patterns and halftones forming their own craggy shapes. The Ghost of Mechanical Reproduction provides a vision of the instinctual human, free to explore nature away from the confines of societal tradition through the casting aside of pristine photographic convention in favor of deliberate intervention in the photographic image.

Russell presents what might be deduced as the true aura of his subject, the colors we are meant to see. These photographs are augmented with rough, yet laborious, scratches to the surface of the print that are actually drawings of mechanically reproduced nature: halftone dots and repeating patterns. Russell creates a new sense of Romanticism, bound by both substrate and subject to mechanical reproduction. These elements don't create an image of nature that is depreciated in reproduction, but rather something new, perhaps even better. Walter Benjamin predicted the perils of producing art in an increasingly digital age, believing reproduction leaves empty shells too distanced from their original subject to connect to the viewer. Russell challenges this notion by providing an aura of authentic experience. What we end up with are photographs that are more faithful to contemporary experience, than to the scenes of nature encountered by the artist.

“If, while resting on a summer afternoon, you follow with your eyes a mountain range on the horizon or a branch which casts its shadow over you, you experience the aura of those mountains, of that branch.” –Walter Benjamin

David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO, 80202


Read more: David B. Smith: Christopher Russell

CPAC: Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman: Processed Views

Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)

October 14 – November 26, 2016

  • Opening Reception with the Artists: Saturday, October 15, 6-9 pm
01 CiurejLochman Fruit Loops Landscape web
"Fruit Loop Landscape" courtesy of the artists

As seen in The New Yorker, BBC, CNN, and at the FotoFest 2016 Biennial, Processed Views presents iconic American landscapes recreated with Fruit Loops, marshmallows, Coca-Coloa, and all manner of manufactured foods. Created by longtime collaborators Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman, the project explores the frontier of industrial food production: the seductive and alarming intersection of nature and technology.

“As we move further away from the sources of our food, we head into uncharted territory replete with unintended consequences for the environment and for our health,” said the artists in a statement.

More information: http://www.cpacphoto.org/processed-views-barbara-ciurej-lindsay-lochman

Colorado Photographic Arts Center
3636 Chestnut Place
Denver, CO 80216


MOA: Reinventing The Image

Reinventing The Image

Museum of Outdoor Arts

October 15 - December 17, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, October 15 from 6-9pm

Join MOA as we celebrate the opening of “Reinventing the Image” on Saturday, October 15, 6-9pm at our Indoor Galleries located at the Englewood Civic Center. There will be libations, hors d’oeuvres and live musical entertainment by acoustic duo, Tin Brother.

This exceptional showcase, while predominately photo based, will concentrate on a variety of media. Over 40 distinctive works will fill the gallery space exploring fresh methods to interpret external forms of objects, nature, and the human figure. This collection will enlighten viewers on the vast perspectives and innovations each artist contributes to the Colorado art scene.

Featured artists include: Sabin Aell, Evan Anderman, Brenda Biondo, Michele Brower, Randy Brown, Jason DeMarte, Maeve Eichelberger, Jennifer Ghormley, Carol Golemboski, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Ethan Jackson, Meredith Nemirov, Daisy Patton, Natascha Seideneck, David Shape, Mark Sink, Kevin Sloan, Sally Stockhold, Dorothy Tanner, David Zimmer, and Mario Zoots.

Museum of Outdoor Arts
1000 Englewood Parkway
Englewood, CO 80110
Tue-Thu: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fri: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Museo: A Mano/By Hand

A Mano/By Hand

Museo de las Americas

October 13, 2016 – January 13, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Thursday October 13th from 5-8pm

Museo de las Americas is excited to announce its fall exhibit of 2016: “A Mano/By Hand,” a collection of over 60 hand-woven textiles from South, Central, and North America. This important exhibition of folk art represents the indigenous weaving traditions of the Americas and includes pieces from the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Alongside Museo’s own collection of textiles, the exhibition includes pieces from the collections of: Janet Colville, Dr. David Irving, Richard Mandell, George Martinez, Janet R. Moone, Roger & Bess Pelissier, Leonard Sutton, Tommy Timm, Irving & Eleanor Tragen, & Mari Wright.

Museo believes this exhibit is the perfect way to celebrate the final days of National Hispanic Heritage Month because it features pieces from 8 different countries across the Americas: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, and the United States represented by the native tribes of the Pueblo, the Navajo, and the Hopi.

Museo de las Americas
861 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204



Havu: Richard Carter & Amy Cheng

Mandalas: Constructed & Deconstructed

Richard Carter & Amy Cheng

William Havu Gallery

October 14 - November 26, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14th 6 - 9pm
  • Featuring: Chris Cassimatis
  • On The Mezzanine: Susan Cooper

William Havu Gallery
1040 Cherokee Street
Denver CO 80204


Spark: Kathryn Oberdorfer and Annalee Schorr

New Work from Kathryn Oberdorfer and Annalee Schorr with Heather Doyle-Maier in the North Gallery

Spark Gallery

October 14 - November 6, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14, 6-9pm
  • First Friday: November 4, 2016
sparkKathryn Oberdorfer - Untitled #1, 2016

Kathryn Oberdorfer: Coming Full Circle

Untitled #1, 2016

What intrigues me about abstraction is the problems it presents. It is much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together - arranging and rearranging elements until the composition comes together.

I’m particularly interested in color, shape and line and their relationship to each other. Much of the imagery is extracted from my recent sketchbook drawings which focus on abstraction in nature. It also comes from still life paintings and ceramic vessels I’ve created in past years; and thus, the title “Coming Full Circle”.

Annalee Schorr: Pattern Play

Cubism #3, 2016

Walls of pattern paintings on plexiglas, and the gallery floor patterned with duct-taped geometry — this is Annalee Schorr’s exhibit at Spark Gallery.

One group of paintings depicts black and white cubes playfully stacked, defying logic. New pieces in her Pattern Game series have evolved into colorful moving forms on gridded backgrounds.

Also included is a 3-D structure, constructed with duct tape strips on layers of plexiglas. On the gallery floor, more duct tape patterning is meant to be walked on.

See more of her work on the SPARK Gallery website and www.annaleeschorr.com

In the North Gallery Heather Doyle-Maier: I stayed Here on the Ground

I Stayed Here on the Ground, 2016

Icarus. The Swan Sisters. The Children of Lir. Fairy tales and myths offer us stories of characters who, through their own design or through enchantment, gain wings and fly away. Their fates are legendary. But what of those who are left? These wives, husbands, mothers, and sisters also have stories: of wishing, of sighing, of grieving. They watch and wait and bide their time, while life continues to unfold. I Stayed Here on the Ground offers a measure of that time, utilizing book-like forms and fiber materials to explore the unwritten folklore of being left behind.

Spark Gallery
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu-Sat: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
First Friday and Openings 6:00 to 9:00 PM


Story Tellers at Mirada Fine Art

Story Tellers

Mirada Fine Art

October 15 – November 6, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14, 2016 6-9pm
Michael McLaughlin at Mirada Fine Art, Squirrel and Oak, Limited Edition Bronze, 40” x 27” x 16"

“Tell me facts and I’ll learn. Tell me truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” -Native American Proverb

Talented artists are masters at visually weaving a tale. They invite each viewer to become a part of the story. Mirada Fine Art brings some of these brilliant ‘writers’ together in a very special collaborative exhibit. Although frequently an artist will want you to draw your own conclusions, in this particular exhibition the story behind the artwork will be on clear display. Many of Mirada's core artists will be participating including acclaimed North Carolina artist Jeanne Bessette as well as Mirada's newest artist, Janice Sugg.

Mirada Fine Art
5490 Parmalee Gulch Rd.
Indian Hills, CO 80454 (minutes from Denver)


Edge: Jennifer Hope and Katherine Johnson

Jennifer Hope: Mad Small

Katherine Johnson: No Solid Ground

Edge Gallery

October 14 - November 6, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 21st, 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Jennifer Hope

My work is about violent color and my attempts to corral it, mark the canvas. I move the shapes and split the lines to form the composition. I apply direction to the color to create movement, lightness to create rest. It is not labored. My color choices are confident and my application is unabashed. I take pleasure in creating these paintings.

Katherine Johnson

So much of what once seemed unchanging in life is changing more quickly than ever. In this time of personal, societal and environmental turmoil, I paint from a place of groundlessness where nothing is certain--using color more intensely or not; defining shapes with lines or running lines alone; looking to previous context or jumping into a new way that defines itself. How does it feel to let go in this way? The act of working with whatever comes brings solace where it is much needed in order to live with the uncertainty of an evolving world.

Edge Gallery
3658 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211-3037
Thu: 2-8pm, Fri: 5-10pm, Sat:12-8pm, Sun: 12-5pm


Valkarie: Aesthetical Zoological

Aesthetical Zoological: Karrie Yor, Tom Sarmo & Mike Kloepfer

Valkarie Gallery

October 12 - November 6, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14, 6 - 9pm


Time to get out your party hats and fancy pants, then grab your favorite critter and head down to one of the of best animal themed shows to hit Denver since the opening if the zoo back in 1896. Resident artist Karrie York along with guest artists Tom Sarmo and Mike Kloepfer are sure to make you laugh with these wonderful portraits of some of our favorite furry friends.

Valkarie Gallery
445 S Saulsbury St
Denver, CO 80226
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Next: Finding One’s Self by Charlie Walter

Finding One’s Self by Charlie Walter

Next Gallery

October 14 - 30, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14th from 5-10pm

Next Gallery is pleased to present Finding One’s Self by Charlie Walter. These new works explore the artists awareness of transformation and growth. An opening reception will be held on Friday, October 14th from 5-10pm.

Since showing his last collection of work, Charlie Walter has experienced transformation and growth as an artist. He’s drifted from his abstract photography and ventured into encaustic and mixed media work. Being new to this medium, he felt that there were no boundaries and that this creative process created a sense of freedom to work less structured and more loosely. This is something that Charlie has never experienced but has longed for. In these works, Charlie has attempted to unveil his human spirit and his innermost abstract ideas. Peeking through the window into his world. Knowing that he’s just scratching the surface and realizing that this is a continuing journey, he’s not nearly ready to exit the ride. This is where Charlie has found himself.

About the Artist:

Creating images with the use of a viewfinder and lens is my form of communication, however it’s not only limited to the camera itself. I’m currently pursuing other art mediums because of a general desire to expand my knowledge of the arts. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled and lived abroad, which has had a profound effect on my thought process and my exposure to the arts. -Charlie Walter

NEXT Gallery
3659 Navajo St.
Denver, Colorado 80211


Gallery 1261: Gregory Block 2016

Gregory Block Solo Exhibition

Gallery 1261

October 14 - November 5, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 14, 6-9pm
Gregory Block - Over Easy

Gallery 1261 is proud to present our third solo exhibition by gallery artist Gregory Block. As one of the most promising realist painters in the Colorado area, this exhibition serves to show his deep knowledge and understanding of the style in which he paints, highlighting how dedicated he is to his chosen craft and to his incredible talent. The exhibition begins on October 14 and runs through November 5, with the opening reception on Friday, October 14, from 6-9 p.m. Many of the works in this exhibition will be still-life based oil paintings, a genre in which he has been honing his craft since we began showing his work.  

Gallery 1261
1261 Delaware St
Denver, CO 80204
Tue-Sat: 11:00 am-6:00 pm


Brushstrokes: Abstraction

Abstraction: Kelly Berger, John K. Harrell, Kit Hevron Mahoney, Anita Mosher

Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery

October 15 - November 17, 2016

  • Opening reception: Saturday, October 15 (5-7 pm)
Boundless by Kit Hevron Mahoney

Though widely recognized for its collection of impressionistic and contemporary representational art, Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery is showcasing its burgeoning collection of abstracted art during its “Abstraction” show opening Saturday, October 15. Works range from abstracted figuratives and nature-driven, to non-objective textural paintings. An opening reception is slated October 15 (5-7 pm), with a preview October 14 (noon-5 pm).

This is the second on a series of three “Capsule Collection” shows at the Antique Row venue this Fall. The final show is themed “Kitchen Sink” (November 19). The nationally noted gallery features the work of Kelly Berger, John K. Harrell, Kit Hevron Mahoney and Anita Mosher.

Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery is located at 1487 S. Broadway. 303-871-0800 or http://www.brushstrokesstudio.com for more information



Pirate: 2016 Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Show

Pirate: Contemporary Art

Exhibition: October 14 - October 30, 2016

Special Event: Saturday October 29, 5-10pm

Pirate has hosted a neighborhood party and artistic celebration honoring Dia de los Muertos for three decades, becoming a Denver tradition. This family-friendly event features Day of the Dead inspired art and handmade altars from local residents, plus Aztec dancers, piñatas, drinks, and more. There will a candlelight procession from the gallery to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church to honor the dead in the evening.

Día de los Muertos is a festive time to honor deceased relatives, satirize the living, and entice the spirits to visit with flower-decked altars and offerings of food. Día de los Muertos, is considered a day of cheerful celebration rather than one of mourning.

This year the show opens October 14th and runs until October 30th. The big celebration takes place on the evening of Saturday October 29th from 5 -10 PM. There will be Aztec dancers at 6 PM, followed by the kids’ piñata at 7 PM, an artistic performance at 7:30 PM, the procession at 8 PM, and the adult piñata at 9 PM.

Pirate accepts altars as well as Day of the Dead themed artwork from all ages. All altars are free to enter as well as youth artwork. Adults pay an entry fee of $10 per piece entered. Artwork must be dropped of on Tuesday October 11 from 6 - 8 PM. All altars and artwork must be pickled up on October 30 from 5- 9 PM.

Pirate: Contemporary Art
3655 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Fri: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Sat/Sun: Noon - 5:00 PM


MultiThreading at Tointon Gallery in Greeley


Tointon Gallery in the Union Colony Civic Center (Greeley, CO)

October 14 - November 12, 2016

  • Opening reception: Friday the 14th from 5-7pm
Roxanne Rossi - “Unlaced” 30’ x 30” - Cast Cotton Handmade paper, Thread, String, Encaustic, Acrylic, Handmade papers

Tointon Gallery
Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm
651 10th Ave.
Greeley, CO


Jenny Morgan at the Sangre de Cristo White Gallery

RISE: Jenny Morgan Self-Portraits

Sangre de Cristo White Gallery (Pueblo, CO)

October 8, 2016 – January 15, 2017

  • Guest Curated by Ivar Zeile, Owner/Director of the plus + gallery in Denver
Morgan RiseJenny Morgan - Rise

The Sangre de Cristo Art Center is proud to present works by rising star, Jenny Morgan. Morgan’s deeply personal work pushes the boundaries of figurative art by exploring innovative methods of modifying her nearly photographic, meticulous paintings. Her haunting self-portraits are perfectly realized only to be obliterated; their surfaces sanded and stripped away to reveal physical and spiritual torment. By disturbing the surface of the canvas, she achieves a striking intensity and psychological depth in her work, breaking through the ideals of traditional portraiture and the preciousness of realism. Her self-portraits examine the complexity of individual perception, providing the viewer a visual and conceptual window into the exposed personae of the self.

Guest curator Ivar Zeile has selected paintings from collectors based in Colorado whom agreed to contribute their “Jennys” to this celebratory exhibition. Zeile has worked closely with the collectors and the artist for many years as the artist’s representative through Plus Gallery. This show is a true collaboration between the artist, curator, collectors, and Sangre de Cristo Arts Center. Says Zeile about Morgan, “From Van Gogh over a century ago, to Cindy Sherman today, self-portraiture holds a singular place in art, whether as a working tool, fascination or ‘mirror’ of individual and collective reality that stimulates both artists and collectors alike. A very distinct and continually evolving case in point is that of Jenny Morgan, a young contemporary painter who since emerging through Denver Colorado’s gallery circuit in 2002 has developed her own particular attachment to the self to build a formidable career with a unique trajectory unlike any other in art today. “Rise - Jenny Morgan Self Portraits in Colorado Collections from 2009 and 2016” is the first exhibition to capture this extraordinary development, a snapshot into one of the most exciting art practices of our times, shaping historic antecedents in a manner that is highly nuanced and thoroughly compelling.”

Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center, White Gallery
210 N Santa Fe Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81003
11 AM - 5 PM
Admission $8 Adults, $6 Children, Military and Seniors 65+
Online ticketing: https://www.sdc-arts.org/membertickets/tickets


Read more: Jenny Morgan at the Sangre de Cristo White Gallery

MCA: Kim Dickey: Words Are Leaves

Kim Dickey: Words Are Leaves

MCA Denver

October 7, 2016 - January 22, 2017

  • Join us on Friday October 7 for our Fall Opening Celebration
  • Visit mcadenver.org for opening celebration tickets
  • Curated by Nora Burnett Abrams

MCA Denver presents the first major survey of work by Boulder, Colorado-based artist Kim Dickey. Kim Dickey: Words Are Leaves, opening at MCA Denver October 7, showcases the ceramic works for which Dickey is best known, as well as work in other media, ranging from textile to photography. The exhibition highlights the artist’s ongoing study of pattern and decoration, as well as her investigation of landscape design and the history of the garden; more than 60 works from the past 30 years demonstrate how Dickey brings the decorative to life.

Kim Dickey: Words Are Leaves represents the breadth of Dickey’s practice, beginning with early works that are shaped by or redefine daily experience, and including more recent works that reexamine decoration. Later works manifest an idealized or alternative environment. In exploring pattern and landscape, Dickey has spent much of her career creating foliate objects and immersive installations. These works, installed together for the first time in MCA’s presentation, exemplify how the decorative can become an object, and how an object can become an environment. 

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
1485 Delgany
Denver, CO 80202



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