Local, Regional and Select National/International Exhibits

Zip 37: Holiday Art Market 2015

Holiday Art Market

Zip 37 Gallery

November 27 - December 13, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday November 27th from 6-10 pm

Zip 37
3644 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Fri: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Sat/Sun: Noon - 5:00 PM


Processus: Sherry Hern

Made @ Processus

November 20 - December 31, 2015

  • Artists include: Lincoln Phillips, Preston Utley, Matthew De Feo, Mario Zoots, Faith Williams, Sherry Hern, Melissa Rick, Rexford Brown, Deborah Jang, Izzy Zaino, Linda Graham, Mary Caulkins and Ivan Pantuyev.
  • Open for Small Business Saturday, Saturday November 28, from 10 am to 6 pm; Enjoy tea, Coffee and treats that day while shopping for handmade local art
Solarplate Etching by Processus Member Sherry Hern

Recent works by artists and co-founders Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez will be included as well as works by artists who have used Processus this year to experiment and make new works. The show includes works made in the darkroom, on the etching press, and in the wood and sculpture shop at Processus. Other pieces are inspired by our coffee socials.

All the works are handmade at Processus. You will be able to see the works and the tools used to make them in the same space.

Punchcards to use the space also make a special gift for artists friends and family!

Processus is generally open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, by chance or by appointment.

Processus hosts Coffee Socials every Saturday from 10 am - noon. We are always looking for new artists to use the darkroom, printmaking area, wood and sculpture shop. Private and group instruction and artist services are available on demand. Visit during coffee socials or events to learn more or schedule a tour.

955 24th St
Denver, CO 80205


Open Press: The Small Print Show 2015

The Small Print Show

Open Press Gallery

November 20 - December 12 , 2015

  • Over 30 artists, priced at $300 or less

Featured artists include: Mark Lunning, Geoffrey Ridge, Tony Ortega, Joe Higgins, Theresa Haberkorn, Taiko Chandler, Duke Beardsley, Reed Wiemer, Janice McCullough, Daniel Teitelbaum, Mark Friday, Carol Till, Dennis Pendleton

Open Press
40 W. Bayaud
Denver, CO 80223
Saturdays from 12-5pm


Robischon: Stephen Batura, Elena Dorfman, Isabelle Hayeur

Stephen Batura: Floodplain

Elena Dorfman: Sublime: LA River

Isabelle Hayeur: Solastalgia

Robischon Gallery

November 19 – December 31, 2015

  • Opening Reception for the Artists: Thursday, November 19 from 6 – 8 pm
Stephen Batura - Tributary

Robischon Gallery is pleased to present Colorado artist Stephen Batura’s fourth solo exhibition entitled, “Floodplain.” Recognized for his previous painting series of large and small scale abstracted works inspired by circa 1900s photography, Batura’s loose and light-filled ethereal mark served his past exploration well, as he delved deeply into the photographic, monochromatic views of early 20thC Western life. Through his layered casein brushwork, the artist’s handling of his wide-ranging and often wildly dramatic subject matter, such as train wrecks or the aftermath of a collapsing mine, Batura captured a kind of dreamlike, yet specific memory of the West. Most notable of this previous work is Batura’s decade-long project, re-interpreting in the aliveness of paint, the entire photographic archive of turn-of-the-century Colorado recluse and photographer Charles Lillybridge.

In “Floodplain,” Stephen Batura circles round to present a parallel, non-historical exploration of his mark-making, to include, along with new paintings, an earlier massive scale work by the same title, which impressively anchors the exhibition. Batura, springs forth in a different direction, where instead of referencing and highly abstracting historical images, the artist works from his own manipulated photographs of the South Platte River as the vantage point from which to begin the exhibition. “Floodplain,” titled after the singular, large-scale twelve foot tall by forty foot wide painting that inhabits the gallery’s expansive fifty-foot wall, is one of several paintings which explore the nuanced shifts of light as reflected on the river’s surface, with Floodplain being the largest. All of the artist’s water or surrounding landscape subjects takes shape in the abstract, through Batura’s masterful, revealing brushwork of unexpected form and subtle hues, as he deliberately constructs and translates the feeling of the flowing water within changing environments. In this way, Floodplain’s massive scale, multi-paneled painting, hints at the encompassing volume of water that might ensue during or following a flood, while simultaneously offering a close up view of the nature of water itself. And while a flood typically represents a disaster, like the artist’s previous train-wreck subjects of the West, Batura’s lens and sensitive expression presents another way of seeing – a point of view which is in equal measure immersive and contemplative as it considers the potent mark of the river on the land and the constant presence of light revealed on an ever-shifting surface.

Robischon Gallery
1740 Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202
Tue-Sat: 11:00-6:00


Read more: Robischon: Stephen Batura, Elena Dorfman, Isabelle Hayeur

BMOCA: Donald Fodness

Donald Fodness: #fool$pool


November 17 - 29, 2015

  • Reception: Friday, November 20, 6:30-8:30pm
Image by Donald Fodness (detail)

Donald Fodness has transformed BMoCA’s lounge and entrance into an immersive and interactive installation that displays the eccentric mind of the artist.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302


CVA: A New Fine Line: Mothswarm: BFA Thesis Exhibition

Mothswarm: BFA Thesis Exhibition

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Center for Visual Art

November 20 – December 5, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday November 20th from 6-9pm
  • Artists: Sarah Beabout,, Laura J. Hickerson, Emily Beals Hollis, Scott McKinney, Kellen Neimeier, Jorge Ed PerezGa, Brandon Sexton, Camille Shotliff, Carly Strozinsky, Jordin Paige Wommack

A moment of beauty in dissonance and chaos, Mothswarm at Center for Visual Art is a studentproduced group exhibition featuring the thesis work of 10 graduating fine arts students of the BFA program at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Mothswarm showcases two and threedimensional artworks in drawing, painting, photography, digital art, and installation.

Center for Visual Art
Metropolitan State University of Denver
965 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Tue-Fri: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 12:00 - 5:00 PM


Niza Knoll: Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle: Artists Visual Interpretations of Nursery Rhymes

Niza Knoll Gallery

November 20, 2015 - January 9, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Friday November 20 from 5-8pm
Niza-Knoll HeyDiddleDiddle-72dpi
Niza Knoll - Hey Diddle Diddle

According to the Secret History of Nursery Rhymes, by Linda Alchin many nursery rhymes originated from historical events, often referencing the darker side of humanity or tragic episodes, and not necessarily intended for children. It is also said that many were subversive political statements set to a melody that was easy to remember and share and disguised as nonsense, in order to protect the singer from being prosecuted for treason. Whatever their intention, they survived the centuries by being passed from one generation to the next and are used in modern day as a first step to helping children develop their language skills and extend their vocabulary.

Niza Knoll Gallery invited a selection of local artists to share their own visual interpretation of popular nursery rhymes in the exhibit “Hey Diddle Diddle”, running November 20, 2015 - January 9, 2016 at 915 Santa Fe Drive. The public is invited to the Opening and Artist’s reception on November 20, 2015, 5-8pm and to view and purchase work during regular gallery hours Wednesday-Friday 1-5 pm, Saturday, 1-4, First and Third Friday 4-9 pm.

The illustrations, paintings and other works depict the sometimes dark, sometimes delightful images conjured up in the imaginations of the artists. Each artist chose their own verse to represent, but all of the pieces were created to a set specification of 10 inches by 10 inches.

Niza Knoll Gallery
915 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Evergreen Fine Art: Sixth Annual Miniature Masterpieces

Sixth Annual Miniature Masterpieces

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery

November 20 - December 5, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday November 20 from 5-8pm
  Santillanes memories of the fremont study 9x12 print
David Santillanes, "Memories of the Fremont; Study", Oil, 9x12

A world of small wonders lies in store as Evergreen Fine Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden prepares to unveil its sixth annual Miniature Masterpieces exhibition on Nov. 20. This year’s much-anticipated celebration of scale will feature works by 50 large talents presented in delightfully diminutive dimensions. Miniature Masterpieces offers not only a rare opportunity to marvel at the patience, concentration and immense skill needed to render a universe of beauty in less than 120 square inches, the invitational event will also afford art collectors of every caliber the opportunity to add some very prominent signatures to their personal gallery at more modest prices.

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery
3042 Evergreen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80439


Read more: Evergreen Fine Art: Sixth Annual Miniature Masterpieces

CPAC: Claire A. Warden

Claire A. Warden: Mimesis

Colorado Photographic Arts Center

November 18 – December 12, 2015

  • Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday, November 19 from 6-8pm; talk starts at 6:15pm
12 Warden ClaireA No30Mapping

Mimesis is an ongoing search to understand the internal and external forces that accumulate and compound identity. When looking at these images, the urge to ask “what is it?” echoes the question, “what are you?” a question that has been directed towards me countless times. Being raised in a family with a diverse ethnic heritage has led me to reflect on the fluid, abstract nature of identity, which informs my use of photography.

I use saliva and manual manipulation as part of my photographic process, which steers the work away from the signifying functions inherent to the medium of photography. These methods are used as symbolic acts to expose the biologic and socio-cultural forces that stimulate the emergence and performance of an identity. This process produces a series of images that reveal certain truths in identity and simultaneously the inadequacies of language to describe oneself. Resembling systems of the natural sciences—microscopic, topographic and celestial—the photographs allegorize the complexity of systems that make up an individual and the perception of self.

Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)
1513 Boulder Street
Denver, CO 80211
Wed-Fri: 12-5pm; Sat: 12-4pm



PUSH/POP/KICK: Adaptation of Skateboard Culture - Session 6

Valkarie Gallery

November 18 - December 13, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 20, 6 - 9pm
FMRL Artery, Jimbo Phillips & Winston Tseng

PUSH/POP/KICK is a traveling exhibition displaying adaptations of the skateboard culture addressing topics like sex, humor, fun, recreation, hedonism, as well as, violence, politics, racism, drugs, religion, and everything in between. The skateboarding culture and its visual art evolution have been well documented since conception and has become a major influence in society as a whole.

Valkarie Gallery
445 S Saulsbury St
Denver, CO 80226
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Read more: Valkarie: PUSH/POP/KICK

Spark: Baer, Elliott and Relin

Barbara Baer and Sally Elliott

Elisabeth Relin in the North Gallery

Spark Gallery

November 19 - December 13, 2015

  • Opening Reception Party: Friday, November 20, 6-9pm
  • First Friday: December 4, 6-9pm
  • Artists Talk: December 13, 1-2pm

HEART (model), 2015

Baer and Elliott have paired to create site specific exhibits within each of the spaces occupied by Spark Gallery over its 36 year history. This temporary installation features an aerial work combining drawing and sculpture developed over months of collaboration. Baer’s accompanying wall piece, stretched across 10’ of wall and floor, images the invented world seen from her studio work table. See more of her work on the SPARK Gallery.

Sally Elliott "Heart"

This exhibition includes a collaboration with Barbara Baer combining our art-forms that are aesthetically very different in a large central piece and a border going across the top of the walls of the gallery alternating our images. My work will consist of paintings in gouache in bright colors with complex textures sometimes described as being mystical, magical, metaphysical and relating to Tibetan Thangka paintings. The images are unrelated and often come from my dreams. The largest painting is in five parts with a heart as a central form that spreads itself throughout the painting. See more of her work on the SPARK Gallery website or on www.sallyelliottart.com.

Spark Gallery
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu-Sat: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
First Friday and Openings 6:00 to 9:00 PM


Read more: Spark: Baer, Elliott and Relin

Sync: James Bohling and Cyncie Winter

The Dream of Now: Paintings by James Bohling and Cyncie Winter

Sync Gallery

November 19 - December 12, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday November 20th from 6-9pm
James Bohling: Sunset Path, Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40", http://www.jamesbohling.com

Established artists, James Bohling and Cyncie Winter, announce an exciting collaboration, entitled THE DREAM OF NOW, opening at SYNC Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District, on November 19 and continuing through December 12. Based on the enchanting poem by William Stafford, the show invokes the sense of nostalgia and belonging that follows us from our dream life into our waking world, “carrying day out of the dark like a flame.” There is a recognition in this act of coming home to ourselves—to earth and sky—anchored in the faith that we live our lives as best we can, bearing an internal fire that lights the way, from the places that have etched warm memories within us.

Bohling and Winter are nationally collected and recognized for their unique expression in contemporary painting. Bohling conjures up great sweeping skies, married to slices of warm earth and distant mountains, dotted with the comfort of warm barns and farm homes. Winter’s intuitive and gestural acrylics invite us to drink in the smells, sights, and sounds of rusty-hued forests and trees and stone. Both painters bring us home to our roots, to our dream of now.

Sync Gallery
931 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu: 1-4pm
First & Third Fridays: 6- 9pm
Sat 12-4pm



Read more: Sync: James Bohling and Cyncie Winter

Edge: Joan MacDonald and Hee-Hun Cho

Joan MacDonald: Artistically Modified

Hee-Hun Cho: Kinetic Flow

Edge Gallery

November 20 - December 6, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 20th from 5-10pm
Artistically Modified: New paintings and drawings by Joan MacDonald

Artist Statement: As an artist I sometimes feel the need to visually address current socio-political issues. This is one of those times.

Hee-Hun Cho: Kinetic Flow

I am heavily influenced by lines and forms in my surrounding environments such as how tree branches create various lines and negative spaces. Through the physical manipulation of steel, I want to create visually dynamic objects. Movement in the Steel forms and stasis together they become one.

Edge Gallery
3658 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211-3037
Fri: 5-10pm, Sat:12-8pm, Sun: 12-5pm


Access: Yoda and Grasshopper

Yoda and Grasshopper

Access Gallery/VSA Arts of Colorado

November 20 - December 18, 2015

  • Meet the Artist Reception: Friday November 20
  • First Friday Reception: December 4
  • Closing Reception and Holiday Party: Friday December 18
  • Contact the gallery for hours

This show is the result of an unlikely collaboration between two of our ArtWorks artists – AJ Kiel and teaching artist Josiah Lopez. AJ is a fixture at Access Gallery and is one of our most prolific and mobile artists. It is not unusual for AJ to travel 20 or more miles any day. He seems to intuitively know bus routes, has a fascination with trains and will stop whatever he is doing when a large truck rolls by. AJ creates wonderful characters from his imagination and his exploits around Denver.

Over the years AJ has developed a signature character we lovingly call “light bulb head dude”. This series of works takes the dude to new heights both in terms of size and scale. In stark contrast to AJ’s frenetic energy, his hopping from place to place and task to task, our friend Josiah Lopez is a composed, well known muralist in Denver. Josiah’s quiet nature and gentle approach has allowed him to reach some of our most spirited students. Josiah loves Star Wars and all the imagery that goes along with it.

When we challenged AJ to go big or go home, we found the perfect mentor/partner for him. This show features work from AJ, Josiah and a few of their collaborative pieces thrown in for fun. I fully realized I was mixing characters from Star Wars and Kung Fu, but with this particular collaboration it made perfect sense.

Access Gallery/VSA Arts of Colorado
909 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Bell: 4th Annual Denver Square Foot Art

4th Annual Denver Square Foot Art

Bell Gallery

November 18 - December 31, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Saturday November 21st from 12-6pm
All Art work 12 X12" with each piece $250

To benefit Denver Homeless Humans and Horses, Socks for Clifford & Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue

Bell Gallery
1573 S. Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80210


Bob Coonts at the Fort Collins Museum of Art

Bob Coonts: Art & Influence

Fort Collins Museum of Art

November 20, 2015 - January 10, 2016

Bob Coonts, The Awakening, Collection of the Eastham Family

The Fort Collins Museum of Art invites you to step into the amazing color-filled world of Bob Coonts, the beloved Fort Collins artist. In addition to his artistic work, this exhibition celebrates his decades of teaching and service with a display of 20 artists and graphic designers that Bob has mentored and taught throughout his career.

Fort Collins Museum of Art
201 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Wednesday – Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm; Saturday and Sunday noon – 5:00pm; Closed Monday and Tuesday
$5 adults, $4 students with valid id and adults 65 and over, $1 youth (7-18), Children 6 and under free


Next: Chris Cain and Pam Farris

Chris Cain: 2 Shows in 1

Pam Farris: Utterances

Next Gallery

November 20 - December 6, 2015

  • 'Art Friday', November 27th from 2-10pm
Pam Farris: Love Is

Pam Farris: Utterances

What can be said with little pieces of glass and ceramic? Pam Farris will take the beauty of mosaic and make you think with words. Some of those words may be provoking and you may not be able to look away.

Chris Cain: 2 Shows in 1
Visual artist Chris Cain presents 2 shows in 1 at Next Gallery in the Navajo Arts District in Denver on weekends from November 20th to December 6th. Celebrating 35 years as shutterbug, Chris exhibits some never publicly seen-before photographs from the 1980's as well as a large selection of prints from his current 'photo of the day" project, as well as some selected images from in between. On the other side of the gallery Chris will be displaying his more contemporary creations, mixed media assemblages which combine found objects, wood, LED lights and drawing. "I never really stopped making photographs when I started working in other media. What's become fascinating is the relationship between the pictures from the past and the contemporary assemblages. It's as if photography was always my preferred method of sketching".

Next Gallery
3759 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Fri: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Sat/Sun: Noon - 5:00 PM


Gilmore Art Center: Michael Charron

Michael Charron: Pictorial Essays From Colorado Journeys 2015

Gilmore Art Center

November 17 - December 1, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, November 19 from 4-7pm
Michael Charron, "Dreams of Flying at Lake of the Crags," oil on canvas, 36 by 48 inches

The Gilmore Art Center will open an exhibition of Colorado conceptual realist artist Michael Charron's work at its Denver location on November 17, 2015. The opening reception for "Pictorial Essays from Colorado Journeys 2015" will take place on Thursday, November 19 from 4-7pm, featuring over forty new paintings by the artist, refreshments, and live music.

"Pictorial Essays from Colorado Journeys 2015" is a group of scenes painted in Colorado, particularly within and around the Zirkel Wilderness. The artist, Michael Charron, accessed the Zirkel Wilderness backcountry via llamas throughout the summer and fall of 2015 in order to develop alla prima, plein air paintings of scenes accessible by foot travel only. In these works the artist utilizes his unique, multilayered technical and spiritual approach to exploring and documenting nature.

Charron says, "I consider myself a realist working in the honored tradition of "plein air", which simply means that I work outdoors, on an easel, from direct observation." Constantly refining his technique and experimenting with brushstroke, Charron reports that “I now draw my [philosophical and metaphysical] musings in vine charcoal or oil based pastel onto the unpainted canvas before I make the painting.”

Gilmore Art Center
2119 Curtis Street
Denver, Colorado 80205


Read more: Gilmore Art Center: Michael Charron

Black Cube: Derrick Velasquez: New Brutal

Derrick Velasquez: New Brutal, a Black Cube Pop-Up Exhibition

The Stanley Marketplace (2501 Dallas Street in Aurora)

November 12 - December 12, 2015

  • Reception: Thursday, November 12 from 6-9pm with a lecture at 7pm
  • Hours: Thursdays 6 - 8pm and Saturdays 12 - 4pm
  • RSVPs required: RSVP via Facebook or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Image credit: Derrick Velasquez, Art Object Maquette, 2015

'New Brutal,' a site-specific sculpture created for The Stanley Marketplace airplane hangar, is Black Cube fellow, Derrick Velasquez's largest-scale work to date. Black Cube's third pop up exhibition features a 25-foot tower-shaped sculpture inspired by common building materials, such as Tyvek sheeting and plywood. 'New Brutal' takes its title from Brutalism, a style of art characterized by a deliberate plainness.

Informed by Denver's recent building boom, this work takes cues from both the architectural plainness the artist sees in the design of Denver's new buildings as well as the beauty he sees in the construction process. The Stanley Marketplace is an active construction site making it the perfect location as it directly relates to the materials and concept behind the work.

More About Derrick Velasquez:

Velasquez was born and raised in Lodi, California, and resides in Denver. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Ohio State University, and holds dual undergraduate degrees in Art History and Studio Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Velasquez works in media including performance, installation, sculpture and photography. His most recent solo exhibitions have been at Pentimenti Gallery, the Volta Art Fair in New York City, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Stanley Marketplace is located at 2501 Dallas Street in Aurora. For a location map and more information about Derrick Velasquez, visit the Black Cube website.


Gildar: Zach Reini

Where The Hell Is Babylon: New Works By Zach Reini

Gildar Gallery

November 13 - December 19, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 13 from 6-9pm
The metropolis is used to conquest. For its people of a hundred overthrown nations, revolution simply marks another shift in fashion. Still, the invaders must dance…

Trashfires burn outside the gates as studded leather and denim clad bodies slam against each other in the night to strange music. Sewn on slogans and icons identify individual tribes gathered to jeer at mom and dad cowering behind the city walls. As day breaks the horde rushes in to kill your idols. Man defeats man. God subjugates god. Symbol overtakes symbol. Calvin is pissing on the temple steps. Mickey and Minnie have left the building.

But what if the city hasn’t fallen? Has never fallen. As the black flag goes up, a heathen notices the door to the master bedroom left open. There is a mirror beside the wardrobe. Tattooed fingers caress a silk tie as a dog collar falls carelessly to the floor. The takeover has begun. Things progressively become more important: the house, the car, the kids. Trim the lawn, buy a home entertainment center, pay into a 401k, build walls to protect it all. One evening one of the old patrician couples stops by for a cocktail in pre-ripped jeans and new matching leather belts gleaming with metal studs. It turns out it was just a minor threat after all. Welcome to Babylon.

Gildar Gallery is pleased to present Where the Hell is Babylon a new solo exhibition by the artist Zach Reini running from November 13 - December 19, 2015. Reini’s artwork has gained notoriety for engaging with a visual archive comprised of recycled cultural and commercial symbols that have broken from their historical origins. These floating signifiers find themselves in a constant cycle of appropriation and re-appropriation, resurfacing across time and geography often with completely transformed meanings in each context. Reini exploits this open field with a wry sense of humor to create objects at once familiar to many contexts, yet particular to none.

Reini's artwork has been exhibited at NADA in New York and Miami and was identified by Artsy as one of 11 works to see in 2014. He recently exhibited his works at Stems gallery Brussels and Castor Gallery in New York. He has previously exhibited works at LVL3 in Chicago, as well as NAM Projects in Milan. Reini was most recently featured in the exhibition Thief Among Thieves at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.

Gildar Gallery
82 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
Wed-Sat: 12-6pm or by appointment


Hinterland: Make. Do.

Make. Do.

A RMCAD A.R.E. Student Show


November 13 - December 4, 2015

  • Opening Reception: Friday November 13 from 6-10pm
  • Jurors: Eric Dallimore, Diego Rodriguez-Warner, and Petra Sertic

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and Artist Run Exhibitions (A.R.E), a student group, are excited to present “Make. Do.”, a jury-selected group exhibition dedicated to Arte Povera. The exhibition will be hosted by Hinterland Art Space at 3254 Walnut St., Denver, CO, 80205, 720.309.1764. An opening reception will be on Friday November 13, 6-10 p.m. The exhibition will run through Friday, December 4.

"As the Professional Practices Professor at RMCAD, it has been an honor to get to know the powerful work coming from a dedicated group of artists at this institution. What is emerging from the Colorado scene is thoughtful, meaningful art that is impacting national and international artists and collectors. Our community will benefit greatly from having the poignant art at RMCAD being brought to our attention at the Arte Povera show at Hinterland to continue this conversation of contemporary art in Colorado." - Eric Dallimore RMCAD professor and gallery owner/director of Leon Gallery.

"In the dawn of another blooming era in Denver’s history, Make. Do. platforms the economical struggles facing young artists today in a world where money talks. Luckily for us, aesthetic also talk big and through each artist’s inventive vision the Make. Do. exhibition illustrates how their passion and necessity to create overcomes their financial situation by using what is available to them with an art student budget.” – Dayana Ruiz RMCAD Student and Director of Artist Run Exhibitions

About The Jurors

The work featured in the Make. Do. exhibition is juried by Eric Dallimore, Diego Rodriguez-Warner, and Petra Sertic. Eric Dallimore is an emerging artist exploring in sculpture, printmaking, and photography. Eric is currently the professional practices professor at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and owner and director of Leon Gallery, an inventive contemporary art gallery located in uptown Denver. Artist Diego Rodriguez-Warner is Denver based artist with a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and current host at the Clyfford Still Museum. And Petra Sertic is an art historian, former associate curator at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. She is currently a part of the Department of German and Slavic Language and Literature at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Artist Run Exhibitions (A.R.E) is a student group from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design that focuses on the guidelines to putting together professional exhibitions, learning about professional practices and the roles involved in running a gallery, art space or museum. Students gain hands on experience in directing, curating, handling art and getting their work out to the Denver community.

3254 Walnut St.
Denver CO, 80205


Vertigo: Daisy Patton

Daisy Patton: I’m Perfectly Fine Without You

Vertigo Art Space

November 12 - December 19, 2015

  • Opening reception: Saturday, November 14th from 6-9pm
  • Artist talk with Daisy Patton: Saturday, December 12th from 2-4pm
Patton ImPerfectlyFineWithoutYou speakerimage

Vertigo Art Space is pleased to exhibit Daisy Patton’s sound installation I’m Perfectly Fine Without You, a body of work that explores the subject of absent fathers through the voices of their adult children. Previously shown in Boston, this will be first time it is installed as intended. The audience will be able to immerse themselves in a story-telling based experience, hearing each speaker grapple with their complicated father. The combination of all the voices sums up a certain perspective that resists ideology and easy categorization. Each visit will yield a unique encounter as the personal confessions play in different sequences.

From Los Angeles, Daisy Patton has a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Oklahoma with minors in History and Art History and an Honors degree. Her MFA is from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University, a multi-disciplinary program. With an art practice devoted to history and memory, she has shown nationally such as Boston, Washington D.C., and California, with upcoming shows in Austin, TX and Everett, WA. Currently a resident at RedLine Denver, Patton is represented by Michael Warren Contemporary.

Vertigo Art Space
960 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204
303.573.VERT (8378)



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