Local, Regional and Select National/International Exhibits

CPAC: New Topographies

Amelia Carley, Zoe Childerley, and Sonja Hinrichsen: New Topographies

Colorado Photographic Arts Center

October 16 – November 15, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, October 16, 7-8:30pm; Artist Talk with Amelia Carley and Conor King from 6:30-7:15pm
Image from “Rexford Mine Fire: Story of Ida and May” by Amelia Carley

“Rexford Mine Fire: Story of Ida and May” by Amelia Carley creates fictitious historical signage based on carved wooden national park signs using the text to invent false narratives about land and the people inhabiting it. The signs are installed in the landscape, documented by the artist and then left for a period of time, a day or sometimes weeks, for those passing by to encounter. While the sign text is rooted in some actual history, the people and events are fabricated allowing the stories to feel somewhat believable. Putting into perspective how learning a tale related to a particular location can alter the way we think and feel about a landscape while posing valuable questions about accuracy and authority within historical texts.

Amelia Carley was born and raised in Colorado. Carley graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with honors receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts as well as Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Italian. Since then she has spent time assisting in the Painting and Printmaking Department at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado and has been an Artist-in-Resident at Contemporary Artist Center at Woodside in Troy, New York and Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. Carley currently lives and works in Denver, CO. She exhibits locally and nationally, and is an artist at TANK Studios.

Zoe Childerley. In “The Land of Milk and Honey,” Childerley’s images, drawings and interviews build a portrait of the Huerfano County community who live in the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. From the gold rush pioneers to the 60's hippy communes attracted by the unspoiled beauty and isolation of the San Luis valley, people have been coming to Southern Colorado to start a new life. They are steadfast in their love for the land, still determined to reject the system and cling to the once promised freedom of the Wild West.

Zoe Childerley is a British artist with a MA in Photography. She has exhibited nationally, internationally, and undertaken numerous commissions, and residencies. Her work explores new environments, is developed by interaction with different communities, and is inspired by the discovery of the lost histories; reflecting a vision of the world concerned with identity, belonging and our relationship to the land and its stories.

“Snow Drawings” is an ongoing project where Sonja Hinrichsen ‘draws’ large design systems in the environment by walking lines into fresh snow surfaces with snowshoes. The finished pieces are ephemeral. While they take hours to create, their duration is entirely unpredictable.

“Snow Drawings at Catamount Lake” was created during the 3 days between Friday, February 1st and Sunday, February 3rd 2013 in a joint effort with over 60 volunteers from Steamboat Springs and vicinity, who helped walk giant spiral patterns with snowshoes. Despite deep, heavy snow that made walking difficult and strenuous, they managed to create a stunning art piece on the frozen snow-covered lake.

Sonja Hinrichsen examines urban and natural environments through exploration and research. Her work manifests in immersive video installations and interventions in nature. Sonja graduated from the Academy of Art in Stuttgart, Germany and received her Masters degree in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. Snow Drawings is an ongoing community arts project that has been featured on numerous art, design and culture websites, and written about in various magazines.

Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)
1513 Boulder Street
Denver, CO 80211
Wed-Sat: 12-6:00pm


RedLine: Surveying Judy Chicago: 1970-2014

Surveying Judy Chicago: 1970-2014


October 17 - December 27, 2014

  • Members Reception: Friday October 17th from 6-7 pm, with artist and curator talk; Public Reception: 7-9 pm
  • Curated by Simon Zalkind

Opening Friday, October 17, RBC Wealth Management and RedLine are thrilled to present Surveying Judy Chicago: 1970-2014. Corresponding with a national and international celebration of Chicago's 75th birthday, this survey will present works from five decades of one of the most remarkable and influential artists of our time.

Chicago’s work vigorously and fearlessly raises profound questions about gender, art history, and the creative process. The exhibition will include some foundational works from her Pasadena Lifesaver series, initial drawings that formed the basis for one of the defining works of the 20th century, The Dinner Party, as well as her more recent sculptural works in bronze and glass.

Special thanks to RedLine's Legacy Circle members Cynda Collins Arsenault, Gretchen Gagel, Pamela Gagel, Lynda Goldstein, Celeste Grynberg, Jonathan Merage, Laura Merage, Sabrina Merage, Jeremy & Susan Shamos, and Judith M. Wagner, and our artist sponsors Lee Everding, Arlene & Barry Hirschfeld, and Peter Kudla.

We would also like to thank our partners Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, Denver Eclectics, and the Colorado Women's College of the University of Denver, the Master of Humanities & Social Sciences at the University of Colorado/Denver, University of Colorado/Boulder Art & Art History Department, Front Range Women in the Visual Arts, and Wonderbound. 

She Crossed the Line, co-presented by RBC Wealth Management and RedLine, is a series of five exhibitions of trailblazing women artists who have been instrumental in laying the foundations of contemporary art. Surveying Judy Chicago is the final installment of this series.

2350 Arapahoe St.
Denver, CO 80205
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
Sat/Sun: 11am-5pm


Museo: El Brindis REMIXED

El Brindis REMIXED

Museo de las Americas

October 16, 2014 - January 30, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Thursday October 16th 6-9pm; admission is free

El Brindis REMIXED (The Toast) features photography from the 19th & 20th century taking a lighthearted, yet safe look at drinking within the Mexican Culture.

Featured artists include: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Agustín Víctor Casasola, Graciela Iturbide, Juan Rulfo, Gabriel Figueroa, Mariana Yampolsky and several other creatives who comprised Frida & Diego's personal inner circle.

Museo de las Americas
861 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204



Sync: Gary Manuel and Jim Olson

Gary Manuel and Jim Olson

Sync Gallery

October 16 - November 15, 2014

  • Third Friday opening reception: October 17th from 6-9pm
Gary Manuel - Cut Away with Repeating Bars, 30 x 12 x 32, olive wood & aluminum

Pretty Cool Art presents artwork by Gary Manuel and Jim Olson. The work is varied, sometimes idea driven and always fun.

Gary Manuel combines wood and metal to create his sculptures with welded aluminum or steel. Introducing a variety of wood and carving gives Manuel a new palette on which to work. The idea of allowing the viewer to see through the work, with cutouts, cracks, and negative space is important in his sculpture. When working with wood Manuel often returns to furniture/sculpture because his ideas seem to flow in that direction.

For Jim Olson this exhibit includes a variety of art items that he continually enjoys. Stoneware sculpture, contemporary furniture and paintings come from his varied and active long history in Colorado. Olson finds each medium challenging and interesting in its own, but often for similar reasons. He finds the act of making art includes engaging problem solving with the ever present mix of joy and intriguing difficulties. Paintings and sculpture are figurative in nature that include the organic shape and line, also present in his furniture designs.

Sync Gallery
931 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu: 1-4pm
First & Third Fridays: 6- 9pm
Sat 12-4pm



Artwork Network: Gus Harper and Robert Martinez

Gus Harper and Robert Martinez: A Technicolor Dream

Artwork Network

October 2 - December 2, 2014


Artwork Network
878 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Mon- Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: 12pm - 4pm
First & Third Fridays until 9pm


Next: Jarred De Palo and Betsy Rudolph

Jarred De Palo and Betsy Rudolph

Next Gallery

October 17 – November 2, 2014

  • Reception: Friday, October 17, 2014, 6pm - 11pm

Artist Jared De Palo's show, "Business as Usual," is his vision of bringing Street Art into a gallery setting. With hints of graffiti, stencils, wheat pasting and topped with delicate hand-cut paper, Jarred has taken years of Back Alley Bombing and transformed it into Fine Art.

Artist Betsy Rudolph, has curated a collection that celebrates the legacy of musician, Dolla B. In addition, she has created her own body of work that pays homage to Dolla B’s energy, style and music. Dolla B was a hip hop icon in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Her important music and fashion contributions helped define the hip hop genre. Working before the social media craze, her work is largely unknown today. This eclectic collection of art, photos and hip hop memorabilia echo the spirit and energy of the era.

Next Gallery
3759 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Fri: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Sat/Sun: Noon - 5:00 PM


Ice Cube: Karen Roehl, Carol Browning and Jesse Myers

Karen Roehl: Pivot Point

Carol Browning with guest artist Jesse Myers: Being + Time

Ice Cube Gallery

October 16 - November 8, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Friday October 17th, 6-9pm
Detail from Untitled 134701 by Karen Roehl; Painting by Carol Browning; Photography laser-transferred to wood by Jesse Myers

Pivot Point

Karen Roehl has long been inspired by the energetic and bold works of the Abstract Expressionist artists, but has recently reconsidered her drawing hand. These new large-scale abstact paintings in Pivot Point feature a return to more conscious mark-making.

Being + Time

This body of work melds two mediums into one theme of urban de-construction. Browning’s abstract paintings connect us to that soulful sense of space that hint of another realm. Myers’ haunting industrial photographic images transferred onto wood through laser technology, capture the significance of “being”, what is now, and records the traces of man in a complex urban culture.

Ice Cube Gallery at the Dry Ice Factory
3300 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205
Fri: 12-9pm; Thu/Sat: 12-5pm


Mirada: Pablo Milan

Pablo Milan: Southwestern Layers

Mirada Fine Art

October 18 – November 9, 2014

  • Artist Reception: Friday, October 17, 6-9pm
Pablo Milan at Mirada Fine Art - photo courtesy of the gallery

As one of the Southwest’s most prominent and recognizable artists, Pablo Milan’s distinctive contemporary look is known for its bright and powerful style. His latest work, to be shown at Mirada Fine Art, highlights Milan’s mastery of expressionistic art, with his traditional subjects of Native American horsemen, dancers and warriors, depicted in a very non-traditional manner. A fifth-generation New Mexican, Pablo Milan has been immersed in the rich culture of the Four Corners area his entire life. The huge influence of, and respect for, Native Americans is clearly reflected in his pieces. Much of his subject matter is drawn from his experiences watching the dances and ceremonies at the Pueblo of Laguna. Incorporating broad brushstrokes, delicate washes and heavy textures, almost ghostly horsemen and their animals emerge from his expressionistic pieces.

Mr. Milan’s works are enjoyed in private and corporate collections throughout the world. Over a long and prestigious career, he has garnered innumerable awards, including Spanish Artist of the Year.

Mirada Fine Art
5490 Parmalee Gulch Rd., PO Box 85
Indian Hills, CO 80454
Tuesday-Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 12-4
Closed Mondays


Michael Warren: Drips, Drops, Pours and Spins

Drips, Drops, Pours and Spins

Artwork by Raul de la Torre, Quintin Gonzalez, William Loveless, and Melanie Rothschild

Michael Warren Contemporary

October 14, 2014 – November 22, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Friday October 17 (6-9pm)
  • First Friday: November 7 (6-9pm)
  • Third Friday: November 21 (6-9pm)
Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC) presents Raul de la Torre, Quintin Gonzalez, William Loveless and Melanie Rothschild in the gallery. Each artist creates abstract work that showcases love of material.

Raul de la Torre , a Catalonian artist now living in Los Angeles, begins with brightly- colored paint sequences on canvas. De la Torre then cuts out sections of his work only to reestablish the composition by embroidering yarns to match the colors of the paints.

Quintin Gonzalez, a professor at CU Denver, creates perspective within his works by merging techniques to create painterly abstractions contrasted with hard-edged laser cuts into paint “skins.”

William Loveless lives in the Yucca Valley of southern California. His glue paintings present a patterned realm of action and reaction. They involve a wet-on-wet technique which yields a luminous surface of milky translucence in which richly-hued inks and watercolors are suspended. Melanie Rothschild, a Los Angeles-based artist, takes seemingly spontaneous paint pours, let’s them dry as skins and then uses them as constructive elements to make her final compositions, on panel, metal fabrications, and suspended in air.

Michael Warren Contemporary
760 Santa Fe Drive
Denver CO 80204


Open Press: Contemporary Botanicals

Contemporary Botanicals

Open Press

October 17 - December 6, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Friday October 17th from 6-9pm

Join Open Press: A Fine Art Printmaking Facility for Contemporary Botanicals, a show highlighting artists using botanical content in their fine art prints. Artists include Taiko Chandler, Sandi D'Amico, Theresa Haberkorn, Mark Lunning, Patty McAuliffe, Jan McCullagh, Beatriz Pestana Osuna, Geof Ridge, and Carol Till.

Open Press
40 W. Bayaud
Denver, CO 80223
Saturdays from 12-5pm


Hinterland: Leah Hardy: Specimina

Leah Hardy: Specimina


October 10 - November 7, 2014

  • Closing Reception: Friday November 7th from 6-10pm

Much of the conceptual and aesthetic impetus for Leah Hardy's artwork has been derived from interest in ritual objects, shrines and talismans—the intersection of the sacred and the secular. Personal iconography often includes parts of the body and flora presented in a contemplative manner.

Hardy's newest work has been focused on insect-inspired forms, which become metaphors for the present human condition and also serve as an ethical inquiry into the scientific ability to genetically modify our food, alter our bodies and prolong life. Fragmented, altered with mechanical elements or re-contextualized, these life forms are formally preserved to reference our fascination with mortality and desire. The intended effect is for the pieces to be specimens—beautiful, yet at times, disturbing.

Leah Hardy completed a BFA (1987) at the University of Kansas, including a year abroad at Howard Gardens Art School in Cardiff, Wales, UK and an MFA (1990) at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. She is a Professor of Art at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. Hardy has taught there since 2001 and established the Metalsmithing Program in 2009. She lives with her husband, Mark Ritchie, and son, Ky, in Laramie along with a small tribe of cats, dogs, horses and fish.

Hardy exhibits her intimately scaled mixed media sculptural works avidly nationally and internationally. More recent exhibitions include: Specimen: upon closer inspection, solo exhibition at Gray Street Workshop, Adelaide, South Australia, 2014; Sacred + Secular: Visual Poetry at the Intersection, solo exhibition at the South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, 2013-14; and Relationships: Mark Ritchie and Leah Hardy, two-person exhibition at SSVAD/Shantiniketan Society of Visual Arts and Design Gallery, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India, 2013. Her work has won numerous awards and has been featured in books and articles. A passion for travel and researching metalsmithing techniques in other cultures has resulted in co-teaching a University of Wyoming Art course every other summer in North or South India since 2005. Hardy’s work may be viewed at www.leahmhardy.com

To see the show by appointment: call Sabin Aell at 720.309.1764

3254 Walnut St.
Denver CO, 80205


Gildar: Dmitry Obergfell

Yinfinity: New Work By Dmitry Obergfell

Gildar Gallery

October 10 - November 8, 2014


Gildar Gallery is pleased to present Dmitri Obergfell's first solo exhibition, Yinfinity running from October 10 - November 8, 2014. In this body of work the artist revives familiar images of reverence as contemporary objects of pop and awe. With sources as diverse as cartography, astronomy, car culture, rap music, and figures from classical antiquity, Obergfell continues to draw a common thread through cultural history, creating works that attempt to touch the core of the human psyche. Working through conceptual constructs including the transcendent, the historic, and the sublime, he has taken the archeological and transformed it into candy coated paintings and sculptures that glorify the transience of life through confounding combinations of abstraction, figuration and pure spectacle.

From the twin-faced Latin god Janus looking at once into the past and the future, to its far eastern Yin Yang counterpart displaying intertwined energetic duality, Obergfell traces a visual line between discreet symbols imbued with spiritual meaning that have transcended their initial religious context. Other universal symbols, such as the human skeleton, the moon, and a predicted pangea, evoke a similar if not perhaps even more diffuse sense of this apotheosis. After generations of countless assimilations and perversions these images remain now as uprooted placeholders of import, equally suited for use in bumper stickers, corporate logos and fashion accessories.

Any remaining historical identifiers embedded in these icons are subsumed by glass-like coats of two-toned Chameleon automotive paint. These once varied symbols transform into a highly cohesive set of shimmering global objects. The resulting refracting sculptural works immediately call out to be captured and shared in the social media-scape, while the shifting nature of their gradient surfaces resists accurate documentation and this digital cycle of instant archiving and memory loss. It is this tension between a shifting surface as a flattener of history and a requirement of experience that literally glosses over these symbols’ origins while equipping them for the fierce competition among modern spectacles. By replacing the patina of history with an iridescent sheen, Obergfell resurrects icons that span geographies and timelines, retrofitting them to shine anew in the age of the relentless image.

About the Artist

Dmitri Obergfell is a multimedia artist who regularly draws upon both historical and contemporary motifs to explore fundamental human constructs. He received his BFA from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and is currently a resident artist at RedLine Denver. His work has been exhibited domestically in Denver, Houston, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles as well as internationally in, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Gildar Gallery
82 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
Wed-Sat: 12-6pm or by appointment


Leon: Lauri Lynnxe Murphy: Lament

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy: Lament


October 11 - November 9, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Saturday October 11th from 7-10pm

Leon Gallery is proud to present a new body of work by one of Denver's most iconic and celebrated artist, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy. Leon's curator and owner, Eric R. Dallimore and Ms. Murphy have had a close relationship over the past 2 years as they both exhibited together for City Beautiful 2.0 at the McNichols Building through Create Denver. Lauri Lynxxe Murphy and Eric R. Dallimore also share the title of Mastermind for Visual Arts, awarded to each artist by Westword Magazine. Lauri was the first artist awarded this prestigious award in 2006 and Eric was the latest recipient of the award in 2014.

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy Artist Statement: Lament

In 2013, the oil and gas industry in the United States was responsible for an average of approximately twenty oil spills per day. However: that’s only accounting for the ones we know of, as many oil-producing states don’t require reporting to the public. The most reported on oil spill of all, the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, still wreaks havoc in our environment, despite propaganda to the contrary and claims of over 210 million gallons of crude being gobbled up by bacteria and “dispersed” by Corexit. In reality, there is no correcting it; the impact is permanent and devastating, in water or on land. But the spill is only visible evidence of our addiction, the minor overdose before the junkie scores again.

As a child, I remember looking from the car windows on road trips at giant mechanical dinosaurs drinking the fluids of their ancestor’s remains from the center of the earth. These same road trips would often leave me sick, with crushing, nauseous migraines induced by a sensitivity to the fumes from those same burning fluids. The sheer multiplicity of material forms crude oil takes on in just those remembered road trips is akin to bathing in the stuff: the gasoline the car is powered by and the oil coursing through it’s engine, the tar in the asphalt under the wheels, the plastic of the car seats and car parts and containers and water bottles and plastic bags and polyester fabric in our clothing and the upholstery...and before the car, with Dad rousing us early to go we encountered the shower curtain, the shampoo, the contact lenses in our eyes, the antihistamine for our allergies, the soap and deodorant, the soles of our shoes…all of it. Ending oil is not as simple as driving less. Americans are responsible for using around three and a half gallons of petroleum per day, even when we stay home. Petroleum is ubiquitous, one can scarcely imagine modern life without it.

We are bringing to the surface our interior, endlessly, though it is not endless. Drawing out the center of our earth like blood from a body, yet there is no rapid regeneration, no stem cells replacing what is lost, nothing fixed by orange juice and a cookie. We leave these drippings of our lifestyles, our existence, in clots on the sea, in dribbles across the landscape, from nano-particles to giant pools. We bring forth the material from underground and lay it across the body of the land like an oozing, blood-encrusted scar, and return it to the earth as tidbits for sea birds to feed to their young on remote islands, and mountains of garbage that children scramble over in other countries. Our appetite is voracious.

The lament is one of our oldest art forms, left to turn to when our grief and horror overcomes us. These works are my lament, for a planet we have abused and bled dry. And yet, even in making this lament, I am a creature of the modern world; I turn to the materiality of my subject, petroleum. From paintings made with asphaltum (or, as known outside of the printmaking world, bitumen, which flows through the tar sands pipelines) on Yupo, a polyethylene paper, to resin, to plastics and to oil itself. These things exist in the world already, I cannot deny their existence nor resist the fascination with them as substances, despite my regrets.

1112 East 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218


Pirate: Michael Brohman: Horizons

Michael Brohman: Horizons

Pirate Contemporary Art

October 10 - 26, 2014

  • Opening reception: Friday, October 10 from 6-10pm
  • Walter Barton in the associate space
Michael Brohman - “Vista” (detail), cast bronze, 2014

“Horizons” is a sculptural exhibition that explores the concept of line and landscape. Each sculpture visually references a topographical or conceptual line through the use of simple horizontal elements. The works have overlapping rings of meaning that begin with the particular and extend outward. Contemporary artifacts and materials are utilized to create a vernacular relevant to our times and evoke our cultural terrain. The unique language of the materials and forms is expressively conveyed in every work.

Over the past decade Michael has developed a body of work that uses materials and color pallets that are indigenous to the West. Michael continues to explore themes that vacillate between the intensely personal and the communal. They are quiet pieces that are contemplative while at the same time they can become raw and unsettling. The emotional investigations presented are beautiful in their honesty and integrity and they possess visual and psychological tensions.

In 2013 he received the Curators Award from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction (Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Curator of Art, Artifacts, and Photographs) and his work has appeared as the cover image for the book of poetry, “Clay” by writer David Groff (Trio House Press, 2013). Additionally, in 2013 Michael was awarded 1st place for “Art on the Streets” in Colorado Springs, CO (Juror Blake Milteer, Museum Director and Curator of American Art at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center). In 2012 and 2007 he participated in residencies at the Jentel Foundation in Banner, WY as well as the Santa Fe Art Institute in 2008 and 2009. He has been on the Visual Arts faculty at the University of Colorado Denver for the past eighteen years as a Senior Instructor of Sculpture.

Pirate Contemporary Art
3659 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211
Fri: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Sat/Sun: Noon - 5:00 PM


Unicom Capital: Gary Manuel, Frederick Pichon, and Mark Villareal

Gary Manuel, Frederick Pichon, and Mark Villareal

Unicom Capital

October 9 - November 28, 2014

  • Opening reception: Thursday October 9, 4:30-7:30 PM

Floor 36
Republic Plaza
370 17th St
Denver, CO


Aum: Marty Lambuth and Rodgers Naylor

Marty Lambuth and Rodgers Naylor

AUM Framing & Gallery

October 10 - November 1, 2014

  • Opening reception: Friday October 10th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Marty Lambuth - Train Blast from the past

AUM Framing & Gallery
2227 E. Colfax Ave (Colfax & York)
Denver, CO 80206

Mon-Sat: 9:30am-5pm


BMOCA: Defaced



October 2, 2014 – January 18, 2015

  • Exhibition Opening Reception: Thursday, October 2 from 6:30-9pm with a member preview at 5:30pm
Mircea Suciu, Liberated I, 2009, oil on canvas, Hort Family Collection

Defaced presents works by Teodora Axente, Marius Bercea, Răzvan Boar, Zsolt Bodoni, Dumitru Gorzo, Şerban Savu, Mircea Suciu, and Dan Voinea. The exhibiting artists are part of a younger generation of Romanian artists who have gained international attention over the last decade. Primarily from the country’s two largest cities, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, these artists embrace a traditional approach to painting, a medium widely proclaimed obsolete by the latter part of Western 20th-century art history. They testify to an intrinsic value of painting by demonstrating the ability of the medium to reinvent itself.

Born in the shadow of the Iron Curtain and witness to its brutal demise in 1989, this generation, now in their 30s-40s, grew up in a post-communist society. These artists experienced a culture haunted by the psychological trauma of the past and troubled by the sudden onset of consumerism. They consciously and subconsciously incorporate these experiences into their works. While each artist adopts a distinct style, they all integrate explorations of Romania’s past and present into the imagined realities of their paintings.

The works on view comfortably navigate between chaos and order, abstraction and figuration, and past and present. The eight artists do not seek answers in their work, but rather they use paint to explore complex topics and questions. Boiling with palpable tension, many of the works present uneasy subject matter and charged exchanges between fragmented spaces and bodies. Unresolved narratives, energized brushwork, and dark palettes create dream-like scenes with almost post-apocalyptic tones. A distinct post-socialist reality in each painting is blended with elements of contemporary Romanian life. Remnants of the communist regime appear in architectural motifs, which are layered with images from art history, films, literature, and the Internet. Through their works, the artists simultaneously construct and deconstruct individual and collective memories and identities.

The paintings presented in this exhibition convey the shared tendency of these artists to cover, blur, or subvert the faces of figures. Faces are buried under paint; positioned to distort a full view; and even completely abstracted, leaving the figure intentionally anonymous. The characters are fully absorbed in a world that we cannot access, but there is a sense of isolation and insecurity that is relatable. Our own insecurities emerge as we experience the unsettled and troubled nature of the work.

By comparing the works in Defaced, it becomes clear that the artists are concurrently exploring identities of a post-communist world and the social condition of individuals in the age of consumerism. The work is contently and purposefully unresolved. The only answer that the artists willingly give us is that human nature is inevitably fallibile.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302


Counterpath: Albert Chong

Albert Chong: The Photomosaics: Works on Paper, Wood, and Stone


October 3 - November 1, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 3 at 7pm

Counterpath is excited to host an exhibit of recent work by Albert Chong, “The Photomosaics: Works on Paper, Wood, and Stone” The work consists of image transfers onto gridded ceramic or stone tiles that combine to make up a larger image. Included are blatantly political portraits of presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, made from portraits of thousands of dead soldiers, as well as a portrait of activist and former Black Panther Party member Angela Davis, her iconic afro itself consisting of thousands of portraits of African American women with processed hair. Photomosaics have the mass and presence of sculpture and the transmissive abilities of photography.

Chong was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and immigrated to the United States in 1977. He began exhibiting his work in 1981 and has been included in over sixty group exhibitions and had seven solo exhibitions. Chong taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York from 1986–1988, and at Mira Costa College in Oceanside California from 1989–1991, when he accepted his current position in the Art & Art History Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

His work has been shown at The Venice Biennale, The Museum of Modern Art, The Havana Biennal in Cuba, and Kaoshiung International Container Festival, Kaoshiung, Taiwan, among other venues. Chong was Jamaica’s representative at the Sao Paulo Biennal in September of 1998, and he is the recipient of several artist fellowships, including a Guggenheim Fellowship in Photography, a Pollock/Krasner Grant, and two NEA Fellowships in Photography. He was commissioned by Absolut Spirits Company to create the work Absolut Chong as part their ongoing artist series. A book of his photographs, Ancestral Dialogues: The Photographs of Albert Chong, was published by the Friends of Photography in San Francisco.  

613 22nd St.
Denver, CO 80205


Alternative Processes at C4FAP

Alternative Processes

The Center For Fine Art Photography

October 3 - November 1, 2014

  • October 3rd: Friday at Five Artist Panel; talk begins at 5pm; Artist Reception from 6-8pm
Braille Bunny By Heather Oelklaus

The Center for Fine Art Photography is proud to present Alternative Processes with Juror Christopher James, a selection of 76 photos created using various historic photographic techniques. As stated by Juror Christopher James, alternative process image making “has its heartbeat strongly allied to a tradition of making images by hand, using light and chemistry.” See how each of these photos lends itself to the notion of “new photography,” while still employing old traditions.

Help us welcome the exhibiting artists of Alternative Processes at The Center for Fine Art Photography on Oct. 3, 2014! This collection is entirely Alternative Process works by 73 artists from across the globe. Celebrate the unique quality of the one of a kind, handmade photographs in the Main Gallery.

+ Friday at Five Artist Panel | Friday, Oct 3rd at 5:00 pm. A panel of Artists including Bear Kirkpatrick, Jamey Stillings, and K.K. DePaul will discuss the exhibitions and works hanging in the galleries.

+ Alternative Processes Artist and Public Reception from 6-8 in the Main Gallery

+ Mingle with the artists from Alternative Processes as well as exhibiting solo artists Bear Kirkpatrick and Jamey Stillings

+ Sponsored by C4FAP and in part by Odell Brewing, and Fort Fund.

+ Exhibitions and Receptions at C4FAP are always free and open to the public.

Exhibiting Artists: Alice Bailey, Mariana Bartolomeo, Cynthia Morgan Batmanis, Susan Bryant, Conor Culver, K.K. DePaul, Marcus Desieno, Barbara Dombach, Anne Eder, Romy Eijckmans, Kellye Grace Eisworth, Ross Faircloth, Diane Fenster, Toni Gentilli, Daniel George, Sophie Gibbings, Susan Glover, Susan Goldstein, Jake Groenhof, Raymond Grubb, Sarah Hamburger, Ricardo Hantzschel, Ralph Hassenpflug, Wolfgang Hastert, Hiroshi Hayakawa, Brett Henrickson, Helen Hoffelt, Karen Hymer, Jonathan Michael Johnson, Kat Kiernan, Arie Knoops, Peter M. Lindstrom, Travis Lovell, Cary Loving, Bob Marckese, Alyssa Maurin, James Mignogna, Scott Murphy, Heather Oelklaus, Kathryn Oliver, Gloria Oyarzabal, Beverly Raynor, Vicki Reed, Michelle Robinson, Brenda Roger, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Bailey Russel, Euphus Ruth, Danielle Saler, Pablo Serrano, Kathleen Sharp, Judy Sherrod, Yukiko Shimizu, Sara Silks, Michelle Smith-Lewis, Caitlyn Soldan, S. Gayle Stevens, Jerome Sturm, Taylor Suppha-Atthasitt, Jasmine Swope, Keith Taylor, Natalie Titone, Shari Trennert, Kathleen Velo, Melanie Walker, Marydorsey Wanless, Scott Weber, Jeanne Wells, Bill Westheimer, Adrian Whipp, Mark Zimmerman, Zoe Zimmerman

The Center for Fine Art Photography
(in the Poudre River Arts Center)
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Byers-Evans: Weckbach, Ruthven, MacPherson

Colorado Plein Air Arts Festival: Weckbach / Ruthven / MacPherson

Byers-Evans House Museum

October 3 - 31, 2014

  • Opening reception: Friday, October 3 from 5 to 9pm
Robert MacPherson - Hooray For Pears!

The Byers-Evans House Gallery’s October show will feature an exhibition of works by Kevin Weckbach, Scott Ruthven, and Robert MacPherson, winners in the Professional Artists category of the 2013 Colorado Plein Air Arts Festival. The Colorado Plein Air Arts Festival, sponsored by the Golden Triangle Museum District, is the largest urban plein air event in the nation, and encompasses the entire state of Colorado, with select “paint-outs” at historic and scenic places around the state.

Denver born Kevin Weckbach balances his career as a painter with that of an illustrator. A graduate of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Weckbach received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration. Weckbach’s paintings are very sophisticated in their structure, brush work, and use of color to lead the viewer. His work has spontaneity and freshness and conveys a great deal with simplicity. Weckbach has studied at the Art Students League of Denver for the last decade, and he recently illustrated a new edition of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights for Micawber Fine Editions in Boulder.

Scott Ruthven’s work expresses his love of the outdoors and commitment to sharing its beauty. “Nature has a beautiful rhythm and harmony with layers and layers of life, all there for those who observe.” Ruthven was born in Niwot, Colorado and grew up hiking, fishing, and drawing in the Rocky Mountains. Family roots brought him to Montana and Idaho, where the vast ranchlands, prairie, forests, and majestic mountains forever shaped his artistic vision. Ruthven’s landscapes reflect a visceral response to light, mood, and subject. He explains, “Much of my work is done at the source, en plein air, since I absolutely love being outside and feel that Mother Nature is the best teacher.” Ruthven lives in Colorado with his wife and four children.

Robert MacPherson spent his childhood in the Pacific Northwest. He enlisted in the Navy in 1966 and later received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. Upon graduation, MacPherson was assigned to a ship stationed off the coast of Vietnam. The ship’s Chief Engineer introduced him to oil painting and what began as a casual pastime soon blossomed into an obsession. MacPherson recalls the title of his first painting, Bearded Man Eating an Egg. “The title had more artistic merit than the painting,” he explains, “which featured a scraggly lumberjack with a fried egg floating before his eyes.” MacPherson resigned from the Navy in 1978 and returned to live in the west where he attended workshops and continued his interest in painting. MacPherson taught a studio oil painting class for five years at the Colorado School of Mines, and became a full time artist in 2005. He now works in his home studio in San Diego with a lot of support from his wife, Ruby.

Byers-Evans House Museum
1310 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204
Mon-Sat: 10am-4pm; Closed Sundays
Admission to the Byers-Evans House Gallery is free


Plinth: Makers: Past-Present-Future

Makers: Past•Present•Future

Plinth Gallery

October 4 - 25, 2014


Plinth Gallery opened in 2007. Our October 2014 exhibition Makers:Past•Present•Future honors the many talented ceramic artists who have exhibited at the gallery the last 7 years. We are also pleased to present several of our new artists who will join us in the upcoming months.

The gallery will not be open First Friday October 3, 2014 in observance of Yom Kippur.


On November 8-9, Plinth Gallery will host a two-day workshop with ceramic artist Sam Chung, who will also be the guest for our November and December exhibition. This workshop will focus on the process of making shapes by altering wheel-thrown forms, and by assembling slab-built forms designed from customized paper templates. Both techniques will use drawing as a design tool for developing form. Discussion will focus on the development of ideas for pottery form in relation to history, context, function and design. Additional discussion and demonstration will be presented on the application of China paints to integrate surface decoration and imagery with form.
  • Cost: $265.00 includes all materials and lunch both days.
  • Dates: November 8-9, 2014, 9am-5pm
  • Graduate Credit is available through Adams State University. For additional information and to register, contact Plinth Gallery.
Plinth Gallery
3520 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216


Lumonics: Mobiles by Dorothy Tanner

Mobiles by Dorothy Tanner

Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery

October 3 - 31, 2014

  • Opening reception: Friday October 3 from 7-10pm
skeeter dorothytanner

Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery/Tanner Studio
800 E. 73 Ave., Unit 11
Denver, CO 80229



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