The Aurora Arts Festival: Arts on the Block

Fletcher Plaza (9898 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO)

Saturday, June 24th & Sunday, June 25th from Noon - 8pm

  • FREE and open to the public

The Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) is pleased to announce its annual Aurora Arts Festival. “We’re throwing a party and everyone is invited! It’s just thrilling to have the opportunity to increase our diverse showcase of the arts right in here in A-Town!” says Satya Wimbish, ACAD Vice President.

The Aurora Art Festival is celebrating what’s great about Aurora and focusing on an “Arts on the Block” theme. There has been an increase in outreach to embrace the immediate community and empower them be an integral part of the planning and organizational process of the festivities. The location will have multiple live performance areas for music and theatre, along with pop-up performances throughout the event. Other highlights include art activities and games provided by the Aurora Cultural Arts District, delicious food from vendors and local brew at the beer garden. We will also have rides this year!


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