First Monday Art Talk

Dazzle Jazz

Monday March 2, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Featured artist: Shauna Intelisano

Photography by Shauna Intelisano

(from the press release)

The Fun Begins at 7p.m. with: DJ CHECK ONE will play Shauna’s favorite tunes. There will be special acoustic performance by guitarist BRENT EGBERT and Shauna’s photography will be on display. Drink specials will be available. There will be an opportunity to ask Shauna questions, and as usual, a light buffet will be provided by DAZZLE.

FMAT (FIRST MONDAY ART TALK) is FREE to the public and will provide a look into the life of an artist or art group each month through a unique reproduction of their influences. The evening’s events will be followed by a Q & A with the audience, mediated by host ERIC MATELSKI. Each show is videotaped by JEREMY MCKENNA Eric Matelski’s wardrobe provided by FUNKLECTIC

Intelisano Photography is a firm responsible for visual documentation, providing digital images to a variety of clients. I adhere to the highest professional standards as established by my peers.

My love and curiosity for the story behind the person and the place led me to a career in photojournalism. In a time when images are becoming contrived and computer generated, I continue to simply capture life as it unfolds.

Anybody can click a shutter or manipulate an image, but I believe the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is ideas and approach. I strive to be one of the greats.

After earning a degree in photojournalism and journalism from the University of Georgia I worked for a variety of newspapers in the Southeast and Southwest. My photographic journey led me to Denver where I began my freelance career. Within my first year I worked for Denver's major publications and I continue to cultivate a variety of clients.

I want my freelance career to have as much variety as when I worked for newspapers. I don't want to become stagnate or formulaic. Documenting candid moment keeps me on my toes. Photographing contrived moments also continually challenges me.

I try and always predict moments before they occur, but I love being surprised!

I have been published in: AdBusters, USA Today, 5280 magazine, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Dallas Morning News,, Colorado Avid Golfer, Associate Press wire, Killeen Daily Herald, Chattanooga-Times Free Press, Eco Latina, and Athens Magazine Verge magazine will print our (my and writer Sarah Zook) Cuba piece in September 2009. I also have several private clients - families and cooperate.

Dazzle Jazz
930 Lincoln St
Denver, CO 80203