Arthyve: Archives for Artists

McNichols Civic Center Building (144 W Colfax Ave in Denver) 

Friday August 18th, 2017

  • Formal program: 10:00 AM-4:30 PM
  • Reception: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
  • Tickets are $12 per person, includes lunch and the event is open to the public
  • Details on how to get tickets on

Calling all Artists, Activists, and Archivists

This Friday, August 18th, Denver will be introduced to Arthyve through an assembly at the McNichols Civic Center Building titled “Archives for Artists.” Arthyve is a newly-formed non-profit community arts archive created by and for the community to celebrate, preserve and document Denver and Colorado’s thriving and prolific arts and culture. Arthyve is currently securing funding and a permanent space, and will soon exist as a brick and mortar archive, programming space and arts library. With this inaugural program, Arthyve aims to give the arts community a first-step introduction into the radical act of archiving and to bring to center under-represented communities in our rapidly changing city.

ABOUT Arthyve: Arthyve is a collective of artists, activists, and archivists committed to transcending, and challenging mainstream art representation, while celebrating, preserving and documenting the creative communities and practices throughout our city and state. We manifest our mission through public programming, workshops, exhibitions, collections development and interdisciplinary talks, all of which inspire critical inquiry, scholarship and creative engagement.


According to the Founder and Executive Director Jessie de la Cruz, “Contemporary archiving is not a passive act. Rather, it is a radical one, in which the people play an active role in who and what is archived and what is deemed “history.” The program’s goals are twofold: first, it’s a call to action -- we want our city’s artists to come away energized and engaged with the act of archiving. Second, since this is a community built archive, we wanted to be sure that the Denver community has direct input in what Arthyve looks like and what it does,” said Jessie de la Cruz, Executive Director of Arthyve.

The day’s schedule will center around three-panel discussions that will introduce artists to archives and self-documentation, the relationship between artists and their records and will discuss equity in arts, archives, and intersectionality. Breakout and creative sessions will include a sound recording booth provided by Meep Records, a D.I.Y zine station provided by the Denver Zine Library and music provided by DJ Tyler Jacobson.

The panels will feature local and national speakers including Howard Besser, Professor of Cinema Studies at NYU responsible for the Activists Archivist movement, and Joyce LeeAnn, an interdisciplinary artist and archivist living in New York who grew up in Denver’s Park Hill. LeeAnn is currently working on a community archiving project called Black Denver in Park Hill and Five Points. The last panel, led by Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler with the Equity Project, will dive into the idea of archives as records of authority while challenging who has the power to create official documents, which public’s interests are being catered to, and whose histories are deemed worthy of preservation.

The program will also introduce the arts community to the Arthyve archive, a crowd-sourced memory bank of artists’ self-curated time capsules. Artists and the Arts community will be invited to donate their images, art, words, sketches, music and more to the artist time capsule project, helping to build an archive of our city’s creative pulse, leaving their mark for future generations.

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