April Denver Art Talk: Poetry For Your Eyes with Janet Glovinsky

Crossroads Theater

Tuesday April 5th, 2011 at 7pm


(from the press release)

MEET ARTIST JANET GLOVINSKY her art and influences! The Fun Begins at 7pm:
  • JANET’s favorite tunes will be played by DJ Check One http://www.gigmasters.com/dj/scdjnetwork/
  • Janet is a walking three ring circus of the art world: As a poet she will perform for the audience, as a painter and sculptor she will have her work on display, as a gallery owner she will speak of the pluses and minuses of the Denver Art Scene
  • Janet’s friend and past feature Denver Art Talk artist Don Callarman will return to the Denver Art Talk stage to paint a portrait of Janet Glovinsky LIVE!
  • There will be an opportunity to ask Janet questions about Poetry, art, galleries and whatever else you want!
DAT (DENVER ART TALK) is only $10 to the public and will provide a look into the life of an artist or art group each month through a unique reproduction of their influences. The evening’s events will be followed by a Q & A with the audience, mediated by host ERIC MATELSKI.
  • Each show is videotaped by JEREMY MCKENNA
  • Photographed by TIM DEMASTERS
  • DAT poet laureate Lenny Chernila
  • DAT Fashion Designer April Hoy
ABOUT JANET GLOVINSKY: http://www.glovinskygallery.com

Growing up in Boston, Janet has been a poet all of her life and is still finding her voice. With a undergrad in English Lit Janet also studied art at the Museum School in upstate NY-at the same time... Janet’s Graduate degree from UCD is in Counseling. She had her first book “ En Passant” published in 1991. Then there was a book in magazine form from “MadBlood” and now “Bird In Hand”. Janet is influenced a lot by travel and tries to travel whenever she can. She started in Europe when she was in High School, lived in Munich for a semester in college, and visited Northern Africa. Janet also spent time in South America (Costa Rica and Nicaragua) and Mexico often. She has spent time visiting many US cities. She always go to museums and galleries and hunts for art wherever she goes. This has been a good kind of education for her.

Janet is also a painter and sculptor. After her first art show at John Bukaty’s Blujack Gallery she opened her first gallery right next door. She later opened her current location, Glovinsky Gallery, at 800 West 8th Ave. Suite 116 as a studio/gallery. Janet has always had some sort of passion for art and a need to create. It filtered the world for her.

Janet worked for the last twenty or so years with kids. She raised three children of her own and is now a proud grandmother! Janet is also a tournament chess player who has been consistently listed among the top 100 female players in the U.S. and has been the top rated female player in Colorado for several years.

DENVER ART TALK MANTRA: “Making art is a common and intimately human activity, filled with all the perils (and rewards) that accompany any worthwhile effort. The difficulties art makers face are not remote and heroic, but universal and familiar.” – David Bayles, Ted Orland

CROSSROADS THEATER is located at 2590 Washington Street Denver, CO 80205 (303) 832-0929

More information, calendar of upcoming artists, and photos of previous shows at: http://fmatdenver.com