Call for Muralists: 4th Annual West Colfax MuralFest

Theme: Energy and Movement

Open Call for Artist Qualifications Deadline: Monday, February 5, 2018

  • 3 mural projects with Artist Commissions ranging from $1,700 to $3,000 (includes materials budget)
  • Upon submission of artist qualifications, artist selection committee will choose 4-6 finalists, who will be paid $100 each to submit and present detailed mural concepts
  • Final selection of muralists will occur on or before April 14, 2018

West Colfax MuralFest is an annual one-day festival, held in the heart of 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, CO that celebrates art, creativity, makers and creators in all forms. This festival, the largest annual arts festival in the district, highlights mural artists in particular, who will paint murals on-site leading up to and on the day of the festival. 


2018 muralists will work under the theme of energy and movement. The term energy has multiple interpretations. Energy is central to the forces of the universe. It is fundamental to science—from the infinitesimal world of quantum physics to the macro realm of the cosmos. Energy applies to the chemical and conversion processes that take place to create forward motion or to generate power. Additionally, energy has a metaphysical or mystical component when thought of under the lens of energetic consciousness or the interconnectedness of all things. We ask muralists to conceptualize energy and movement with a new or fresh approach from any or all of these angles. Your idea might expound on the concepts of motion and progress, or take a more subtle approach related to light, vitality and spark. Please see full Creative Brief below for more details.


MuralFest 2018 will showcase 3 murals at Lamar Station Plaza (6501 W Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80214) in addition to other festival activities, mural tours of the surrounding area, and other arts experiences. The plaza is an active shopping destination, home to multiple other murals completed during MuralFest 2016 and 2017, two art galleries, a brewery, an outdoor amphitheater and Casa Bonita, where weekend visitors to this nationally-known restaurant run in the thousands.