Call for Entries: Elements Exhibit at 40 West Gallery

Submissions must be received by Saturday September 14, 2019

Classical elements typically refer to the states of matter: earth (solid), water (liquid), air (gas), fire (plasma) and aether (upper sky). Elements are the simplest form of existence, of everything in existence. We invite you to submit any work that ties into the elements, directly or metaphysically. The exposure for this event will be strong, to include our ongoing outreach and social media efforts - website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social networking sites, eNewsletter, postcards, artists’ networks, assorted city, chamber, and neighborhood association emails and more. In addition, this show is in conjunction with a district-wide Art Walk and Denver Arts Week. We are planning a major event during the opening reception of this show and traffic to our gallery should be strong. We will seek additional exposure available to us as a State-Certified Creative District. This is terrific exposure for 40 West Gallery, and the artists featured in this show!

Entry Details: Artists are invited to submit up to three hanging or two sculptural works via email for consideration (works with multiple components or elements can be considered as one work). Application fees for exhibitions are $5 per entry for 40 West members and $10 per entry for non-members. FREE for youth artists (age 20 and below) and college students. 40 West Arts will retain a 15% commission on all works sold. It is the responsibility of the artist to collect and remit local and state sales taxes for any work sold.